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At the time of the 8th single

Being able to look forward and continue doing my best

And being able to boldly face various new challenges


Was without a doubt, thanks to everyone who supported me.

In talking, and in writing, the numerous feelings conveyed to me really became my driving force

I didn’t want to waste that time

And I was able to be encouraged 


Supporting me like this

Saved me when my heart was about to break, but


I can’t repay your kindness in a proper way

I’m so sorry



Because you tell me that I give you energy

When invited to shows I could do my best

Because you tell me you like me

It also made me want to master dancing even more


In all my activities

The faces of everyone who supports me come to mind

Every day I wonder how I can make you enjoy

How I can be an idol

That energizes everyone’s daily life


To share enjoyment with everyone

To show something every week, to have my voice be heard, I was able to take action




The concert the other day too,

As much as possible, I want you to just remember the shining moments, I want that to remain in everyone’s minds

I’m convinced I gave a performance filled only with my everyday feelings of gratitude 


And this time too.

All the yells, truly truly

Thank you very much.


You’re supporting me all the time, but

I will become even stronger







Until you think I’m needed in Sakurazaka

I will do my best

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