9th (2024.05.22)

Hello, everyone


I’m Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino 🌸



On the other day, the formation for 9th single has been announced in SokoSaku


I will continue as a BACKS single in this single as well


I am truly sorry for making those who support me feel sad and disappointed

I am very sorry that I have not been able to give you anything in return, not able to give you happy news, even though you came to like and support me among the many other attractive members.


Sometimes I think about a lot of different things such as

“What’s so good about me that makes them like me?” or “I wonder why they support me so much?”


However, I am able to do my best more often than not because of the help of the members and staff who support me at all times, and most of all with the support of all the Buddies


I’d like to return the favor to all of you


I decided in my mind to change myself this year,

while I have only been able to take small number of actions, my spirit of wanting to challenge myself in different things continues,

I will do my best in this period

so that if an opportunity present itself, I can grab it without running away!


The content has become a bit heavy, but please don’t worry because I’m feeling much better now and doing my activities with fun and positive feelings!!


Let’s continue to make wonderful memories in 9th single period as well~ 🫶🏻


Please give us your support for our 9th Single, “Jigoujitoku”

that will be released on 26th June!


The 2nd application period of miiguri has started


Here are the schedule 🧸⬇️


30th June 2024


7th July 2024


27th & 28th July 2024


4th August 2024


12th August 2024



I am both excited and can’t wait to see you again



The deadline is tomorrow at 14:00 JST,

So if you have plans to see me or feeling interested, by all means, please do apply for it☺︎






It’ll be dull without any picture, so here’s a cherry blossom that I took before! 🌸


I want to get better at taking pictures~ especially of people!


I will do my best so my pictures are taken for SakuSatsu…


Please do tell me if you have tips and tricks for it 🫡


Thank you very much for reading until the end!


Bye bye~




Kousaka Marino

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