I hope that this festival will come to mind when you think of summer ☀️🌸 (2021.07.19)

Thank you very much for opening this blog!


I’m Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho
from Shizuoka!



🌳W-KEYAKI FES. 2021🌳


Truly thank you very much
to everyone who came to the venue
and to everyone who liven it up with us online!


As someone from Shizuoka
I’m already familiar with FujiQ,


But Conifer Forest that I admire
shines more than I expected,

I’m truly happy to be able to stand on this stage and perform in front of you!


This is our first live together as Sakurazaka46
in front of the fans

I felt that I had to convey each song to everyone with great care.



Thanks to the many runway stage, I’m able to come near you, and there are things that can only be done outdoor such as the effects of weather

It was a fun and irreplaceable time with everyone✨


Especially during “Buddies”, my eyes met with many of you
and I truly felt happy!!



And the nickname for Sakurazaka fans has become Buddies!!


A partner with close bond


For Sakurazaka, you are our Buddies

For you, Sakurazaka is your Buddies


To support each other when things are difficult
To laugh together when things are happy


I want to run up the slope with all my might
and see together a future that we couldn’t imagine



I will do my absolute best
to make you Buddies smile a lot!


And national tour has also been decided!!!

There are many opportunities to meet Buddies ✨
I want to grow a lot!


Please do come and meet Sakura〜🌸




☀️Joint live with Hinatazaka-san☀️


My first stage with Hinatazaka-san!!


I love Hinatazaka-san,
but to be able with them together like this
made me love them even more!!


A performance that make people happy


It truly touched me, I learned a lot!


More than anything, it made me truly happy
to be able to do W-Keyakizaka no Uta
together with Hinatazaka-san!!




With an angel ♡

Even thought I was the one who asked to make a W
I was so nervous that it looked like an N instead…



I learned how much courage does it takes to tell someone you like how you’ve always like them!!

Anyway, there are no end to the things I like about her, from her cuteness, her heartfelt performance, her personality, her all-out effort in everything she does, and her great sense of humor

I love the person named Kato Shiho-san, I admire her ♡



It was so fun to be able to talk with her~🌱

I’m going to frame this~~~✨




The three people packed with cuteness ♡ It made me really happy to be able to speak with them!! And they are so kind from beginning to the end~ 🥺




With excitement I told her how the second day that starts from Suzuka-san’s rap is so cool I couldn’t stop getting goosebumps! and that I love HinaAi~ 💙



Marii-chan 🐶 It’s been a while since I heard Marii-chan’s live singing, and it after all is so soothing~ ♡
Right?is so addictive I start listening to it a lot!!



Since the day Ozeki-san returned, I feel really warm, happy, and blessed every day just by being near her 😌🤍



My first two-shot with Risa-san ✨
I’ve been wanting to take a picture with Risa-san for a long time, so I was very happy 🥰




Speaking of which!

I was able to ride the Takabisha [one of FujiQ’s roller coaster attraction]!

Yuuka-san, [Takemoto] Yui-chan, Rei-chan, and me sat on the same row

Right before we fall


Yuuka-san said, “You can see the Mount Fuji over there~🗻”


And Yui-chan retorted,

“This is not the time!”


Rei-chan kept laughing


While I was like, “I’m so gonna dieeeeeeee!!!!”


Our individualities really came out






Thank you for reading until the end!



The sun is getting stronger, so please drink lots of water~ ☀︎



Akiho 🐡



You were caught in a 22cm swamp



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