I smile and talk a lot, you know   Murayama Miu (2023.09.08)



Bye bye August
Hi September





It’s Murayama Miu
Please take care of me in September as well









Scrolling through my gallery because I was wondering what I did at this time last year, turns out I ate sweet potato doughnuts


I haven’t gotten to eat them this year……



Seems like my taste in food hasn’t changed since last year
It feels good to know that there are things that haven’t changedー






Relaxed me
Maybe too relaxed
Oh well, whatever









I already  announced this in the blog before last, but,

I appeared in
blt graph.-san vol.93
Which went on sale on 8/31 (Thursday)


I’ll post the off-shot
And talk a little about some behind the scenes stories






On that day,
The weather was probably not very good
But it’s the kind of weather I like

It was raining




For the seaside shoot
Was it near the airport?
There were planes flying back and forth allーーー the time

We got excited every time they were flying through



For the rooftop shoot
It seemed impossible
Because it was raining and thundering



But we did the shoot in the middle of the rain

They used the shot of me holding an umbrella
But I actually ran around freely without an umbrella too





Each and every one of the staff were kind and they have unique personalities
That I even want to write stories about each of them




I hope we can meet again someday





It was very memorable
Please check it out











For the 6th single, Start over!


Online Meet & Greet
Real Meet & Greet
Online Signing Event


Are all done
I’m really grateful to everyone who came

Thank you very much





People I met for the first time,
People I already met,
I was simply happy that a lot of people came to see me





How was it
Was it fun?





By the way, I spoke to everyone really frankly
It was funー


Generally, people would tell me
I didn’t know you smile this much
I didn’t know you talk that much





What kind of image do you have of me?
I’m always full of smiles, you know












Random talk







I want to make good use of a scheduler in 2024



I couldn’t make good use of the schedule app on my phone, but I think I can with pen and paper



Well, that’s still for the future
Let’s just enjoy the present now








Come to think of it
Odakura really likes me, you know


I think she set a photo of me as her phone wallpaper

And, the other day,
Suddenly she asked me
“Have you noticed that I look at you a lot?”




So cuteー
So lovely





I just realized that we can use photos as the background of our greeting cards after reading Reina’s blog

I didn’t know


I’ll ask someone how to do that




For September’s greeting card,

I don’t remember when I wrote that exactly
But I’m reflecting on it   since the content was boring

I’ll make a really cute one for October




Since it’s October, should I grow antlers?
[T/N: Likely referring to deer antlers growth cycle but it actually stops in late-summer]
What should I do to make it cute?

Please look forward to it




If there is someone who likes me,
Surely they will look forward to October, right














Tomorrow is Yamashita
Look forward to it






Well then

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