End of Summer Murai Yu (2023.09.07)



Good evening 🐰🌟

It’s Murai Yu





These emoji are so cute




Itoha mentioned this on her blog yesterday, but I went out for a meal together with her and Airi!

Itoha was the one who invited me


Itoha is always so thoughtful and kind to everyone.

Thank you as always ₍ᐒβ€₯α’β‚Ž β™‘

I’m happy to be able to go out for meals regularly!

I always look forward to it~ β™ͺ









I hope that my blog can cheer you up again today πŸͺ„


β‹±β‹° β‹±β‹° β‹±β‹° β‹±β‹° β‹±β‹°



Today is 7th September


In a blink of an eye, we reached September already

Summer has already ended



This summer has been a really fulfilling one~


I was able to appear at my first music festival,

there was also real meet & greet,

my birthday was also celebrated,

and so many other things…


So many happy memories come to mind


As I experienced many new things,


I think that I was able to slightly fulfill

my goal of growing this summer


I am filled with gratitude



I’d like to continue to discover new sides of myself from now on, and I hope that you can see it


Once again, please continue to support me!






After summer, there is autumn



It’s the season of sweet potatoes and chestnuts, isn’t it?

I’m feeling like, “I’ve been waiting for you!”



Have you all eaten something that feels autumn-y?

I ate sweet potato ice cream


I wasn’t really fond of sweet potatoes and chestnuts until fairly recently, now I love them

Maybe my palate has changed


I’m looking forward to the delicious autumn food~


Lately, donuts have been spinning around in my head

I wanna eat them~


Speaking of which, the other day,
I spoke about donuts with Mii-san

I was very happy to be able to speak with her~ β™‘







The greeting cards for September have been released

I drew a new rabbit mascot on mine this month

It took a lot of thinking for me to come up with it
It’s Yuusagi      πŸ‡βž°
[t/n: Yu + usagi (rabbit)]


・Round eyes

・Heart-shaped nose

・YU is written on the ears


These are its characteristics~!









3rd September

Meet & greet

Online signing event


Thank you very much!



I was paired in the same lane as Nagi for meet & greet

I was very happy to be able to have a fun conversation with Nagi’s fans as well as all the first-timers!

Nagi had her hair in a cat-ears style, she was so cute β™‘




For the online signing, I wrote a lot about my feelings.


I am filled with happiness when I’m writing with that certain fan in mind


To tell the truth, I’ve been thinking for a while about what to write for each person who came


Have my feelings been conveyed?


I’d be happy if you’re pleased with it

I like my hairstyle and clothes from this day~ β™‘





All the meet & greet, online sign event
from the 6th single have concluded.

Truly, thank you very much

to everyone who came!


I can always do my best in my activities because of the warm words given by those who cheer for me

I’d also like to be someone who can give you the energy
to do your best at work or at school


I truly enjoyed it and am happy to talk with you.


I’m already looking forward to being able to speak with you in the next single as well!







I received letters and messages from all of you
in celebration of my birthday.


Everything is truly so wonderful and precious

I’m reading each and every one with care

Your feelings make me so happy, I received a lot of energy from it.


Thank you very much!!


I’ll be answering the questions I received in my letters
in the next blog πŸ’‘




That’s all for today.

Thank you very much for reading my blog!


Tomorrow is Miu’s blog!




The hot weather still continues,

but please get lots of sleep, eat good food, and be full of energy as you go about your days!

Please reward yourself 🍨




I will always be cheering for you!

Let us both do our best without overdoing it.


From Yu

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