I started it πŸ“· (2022.01.11)


Happy New Year ☼




And congratulations to the new adults ✨


11 days have already passed in the year 2022.

How did you spend it?

As for me, I am fortunately able to spend a pretty busy 10 days.


I hope that you may

spend another year full of smiles and happiness again πŸ™‚




I was grateful

to be able to work as Sakurazaka to the end of the last year

and enter the new year together with the members!!


I was very happy to see the beautiful lines

of the red costume for Kouhaku Uta Gassen performance ✨


The gloves on the costume that we wore

at the end was also very fresh ❀️



Thank you very much!




In 2022,

I want to unite more as Sakurazaka46,

to change everything up until now into power,

and do my best to make everyone’s dreams come true!





I hope that this year we could smile a lot

together with the Buddies who are supporting again☺︎




I look forward to your continued support

of Sakurazaka46 again this year 🌸






I was able to watch the “3rd Single BACKS LIVE!!”

that was held for 2 days on 8th and 9th January πŸ”₯


I watched how since the end of last year,

everyone is preparing for this show with many thoughts and feelings.


I was anxious,

but I was deeply moved to see how everyone is taking on new challenges on the stage!


Truly, truly, thank you for your hard work😌


The presence of the power of support,

each member’s charm, the worthwhileness of this job, new discoveries of the songs,

that I felt once again from watching the show as an audience…


there were many things that I learned about!


I would also like to use my feelings today as a source of strength,

and work even harder so that I could show a performance that will move your hearts!






The rehearsal for “Curtains”, the musical that will be held in February, has begunπŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ


A new challenge in a new environment.

I tried my best not to get nervous,

but I entered the rehearsal room all stiff.


While being overwhelmed with the abilities of my co-stars,

every time I feel grateful for being able to learn in an environmentΒ like no other.


The site is a bright one with very warm people,

it made me felt a little relieved ☺️



The performance will start on 26th February.


I will do my best to absorb everything like a sponge and improve my skills 🧽


I hope that it may be safely held.


Please look forward to it!






I want to try new things one after another this year

so I opened an Instagram πŸ“·


I’d be glad if it could be the reason you could learn more about

Sakurazaka46, “Curtains”, and me no matter how little.


Although I will be using it while learning how to use it πŸ€”

I will be posting while having fun

so by all means, please do give it a follow!








I will be posting new shoots again!






▫️ Announcement ▫️


βœ”οΈ At tomorrow 12th January 19:00~21:00 JST


I will be appearing on FujiTV’s “Hayashi Osamu no Nippon Drill SP: Denny’s and Royal Host’s Sales Ranking SP” πŸ“Ί


I love the atmosphere of a family restaurant

so back at university, I even worked part-time there 🍽


During the recording, I seriously tried to predict the sales!!


Well then, did I get it right 🀭?


The other cast kindly talked to me even outside the recording, it was a very enjoyable time.


By all means, please give it a look!!



βœ”οΈ I am featured on the cover of “Musical January February 2022 edition” that are currently on sale.

The cover is gratefully “Curtains” πŸ“•


There are a lot of double-spread pages and my interview, so by all means please do get your hands on it!



It has become a long one, but thank you very much for reading until the end.


I will be ganbariki this year as well 🐴



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