Wednesday (2022.01.11)

Good afternoon.


This time I had the opportunity to be appointed
as a regular cast member for the Wednesday’s season
in the variety show “Love it!” from TBS.  🐰


I’m happy for being able to become
part of the family of “Love it!” ( . .)”



I’ve been given the opportunity to start appearing in the show
immediately from the beginning of this year!


Wednesday (2022.01.11)


From the first day,
I will do my best while enjoying at the same time,
in order to be able to share my energy and smile
with all of those who are watching me. ☺️



Tomorrow Wednesday 12th, from 8 AM,
I will be in “Love it!” Thanks so much ☃️


This is a bit late but,

we had the opportunity to perform in CDJ
at the end of last year.
Thank you very much.


This has been a long-cherished dream for me…!


It made me happy
to be able to meet with all of you. ♪


I want to do concerts soon again. 😌


At the beginning of the year,
we had the opportunity to perform
in the CDTV Live! Live! Music TV show. 🗻



In addition to the song performances,
I had the opportunity to express the group’s determinations
and also, to display our resolutions through Kakizome.


I was extremely nervous…


I feel very grateful that we were given
such a space to express this. 🙇


I’ll do my best this year too! 🌸



In the “Sakamichi Tuesdays” segment from the Nikkan Sports newspaper

issued Today on January 11th,

they have published an interview.


I had the opportunity to reflect on the activities done last year,
and also, to talk about the enthusiasm for what’s coming this year!


I am very grateful to “Sakamichi Tuesdays”
for always publishing things in this manner
during crucial moments like this.


Please take a look, by all means. 🗻


See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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