New year’s issue (2022.01.10)

Good afternoon 🍊


I’ll have the opportunity to appear in the back cover of


the “FLASH Special 2022 New Year’s Issue” magazine.


New year’s issue (2022.01.10)



I ate a lot of mandarins during this winter too.



I also drew faces on the mandarins. ☺︎



I like fruits so much~




I enjoyed very much
the hairstyles and make up with the different costumes 😻




If you purchase it from
It comes with a postcard 📮


Please get it, by all means.  ♡

Thank you.




Today was the Coming-of-Age Day ㊗️


to all the new adults!



From Sakurazaka46,
Yui-chan, Karin-chan,
Kira-chan and Hii-chan
are celebrating their adulthood 🎉



For all of you,
I hope today becomes a great day…


Just around this same time 3 years ago…


Hono was also celebrating the Coming-of-Age Day. ☺︎



Time has passed by so quickly and it’s been 3 years since then,
now I am 23 years old.


Looking at the long term,
your life is just beginning, there’s still a lot to come~


Look forward to it!



Everyone too, without changing
I will continue to support you from now on ☺️



Good luck~ !!!!




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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