I want to become strong (2023.11.30)

Thank you for opening my blog!







I’m Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho

from Shizuoka 🐟🌻



















that was held in ZOZO Marine Stadium





Thank you very much to everyone

who came to the venue,

who watched through streaming,

for celebrating with us ✨









Sakurazaka46 turned three years old!!






Three years ago, I never imagined

to be able to celebrate the occasion with the Buddies

in such a big place,

in our first stadium concert






Three years ago, our 1st single “Nobody’s fault”

was released




Nobody’s fault


Naze Koi wo Shite Konakattan darou?




Blue Moon Kiss


Plastic regret


Hanshin Hangi


Saishuu no Chikatetsu ni Notte





We started Sakurazaka with these seven songs








Back then, we still didn’t know

what Sakurazaka-ness is supposed to be,

wondering what colors will appear

from this pure white state


I was more worried than I am excited of it





But now, three years later



All the members can proudly say, “This is what Sakurazaka is like”,


I am sure that when Buddies are asked about

what Sakurazaka’s uniqueness is, something would immediately come to mind as well





Three years ago, we didn’t have a lot of songs,

and though there were only a limited number of songs that we could perform,




Now that three years have passed,

we were able to perform two days with almost different songs,

and even then still have songs that we can’t perform


The number of songs that we cherish has increased





And that truly makes me so happy,





To all the Buddies who supported Sakurazaka from the time when we didn’t know what the future held, and who were always on our side,



and to all of the Buddies who met us on the way up the hill and came to like and decided to support us, too,



I am truly grateful to all of you





Sakurazaka is what it is today

thanks to all of you


And we were able to celebrate our

“3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE” in such a wonderful way!




Truly, thank you as always!!





Especially this past year,

I was able to see a lot of scenery that

I couldn’t have imagined with the Buddies!!







And when I feel excited when I think,

that we’ll surely see even more different sceneries

with the Buddies in our 4th year




In order to do that, I’d like to improve myself

and become someone indispensable

for the group




I’d like to work even harder

that I ever before in our 4th year

so please give me your support!!








And then,


7th Single BACKS LIVE!! has been announced!!




The dates are



🌸 Toyosu PIT


15th January 2024

Gate opening 17:30 / Performance start 18.30 JST


16th January 2024

Gate opening 17:30 / Performance start 18.30 JST





🌸Zepp DiverCity(TOKYO)


22nd January 2023

Gate opening 17:30 / Performance start 18.30 JST


23rd January 2023

Gate opening 17:30 / Performance start 18.30 JST



The ticket lottery for FC [Fan Club] starts today at 23:59 JST!









I think that there are flowers

that can only bloom here,




If there are places in this world shined on by the sun,


then there are definitely some that are in the shade,



Although walking in the shade is never fun,


But I think that there’s a lot that could be gained

from fighting with yourself there




To still looking forward

while fighting the dark feelings that come over me


I’d like to perform with all my might

and become stronger



If there is anyone in a similar situation

or fighting a similar battle,

I want to be a source of courage for them






Because I have experienced

the first and second BACKS LIVE


though I do feel a bit scared

from just hearing the name,



But I really look forward

to do a live show together as this team of 12!!



We will give it our absolute best

so we’d be happy if you could come and see us ☺️




Habu-chan’s graduation ceremony



She looked soooo beautiful wearing her dress~~~~ ✨








It was an “only one” dress

that no other person but Habu-chan could wear!!






I have been helped many times by Habu-chan



Just the other day


When we met the next day after

BACKS LIVE was announced to us,


She said, “Numa-chan, I’m worried about you~”

as she ran up to hug me


She noticed the change in my heart

that no one else did

She always kindly gave me support


Habu-chan is truly so kind and cool

So cute, so funny, and so pretty

She’s such a charming woman

that you can just praise endlessly!




Habu-chan’s future is surely

one that is colorful and happy!






I will always cheer for you


I will always, always love you 🀍



















Hikarin, welcome back~~~ πŸ’œ



Gyuutomo [Gyu from “hug” onomatope x Bestie] 🀝




I was so very happy

to be able to do shows together again,

and made eye contact with her during the performance ✨


Let’s make lots of memories again together~ ☺︎

















ZOZO Marine Stadium was so huge~ ✨















Itoha-chan, Mio-chan ☺︎☺︎



In the verse of Kakushinteki Croissant,

there’s a part of the dance where we sandwiched Itoha-chan between us,

and we would always have fun and full of smiles~ πŸ₯













Airi-chan~! She’s always so adorable, and it makes me really happy whenever she initiate a conversation with me β™‘
















And lastly



Yui-san has announced her graduation



During the MV filming for Sukimakaze yo

I somewhat sensed it

and made sure to burn Yui-san’s performance

to memory



The presence of my great, admirable senior is so great

that I feel really sad about it,



But I feel very happy

to be able to hold Yui-san’s graduation concert for two days




I’d like to learn lots from Yui-san

and make memories with her until the very last moment!




It’s a regret that

all the Buddies continue to be sad,

but I hope that we can

get through this together.









There will be a lot of live shows

starting from January 2024

I feel happy that

there will be a lot of days where I could meet you!!







Please continue to give your support to Sakurazaka46 in our 4th year as well!












Thank you very much for reading until the end!










There will be SakuraMeets tonight 🌸🌸🌸🌸





We went to a Maid Cafe

with Mayurika-san [comedian duo]

and learned lots from Maids!!


It was so much fun~~~



The maids were so cute too~~~ πŸ’–



Inori-chan, Kirazou, and even Yui-chan

were all such a unique maids~~~ πŸ˜†




Please look forward to seeing who will make the best maid!!



Please use #γ‚΅γ‚―γƒ©γƒŸγƒΌγƒ„ (SakuraMeets) lots to tell us your impressions ☺︎

















Akipo 🐟






You’ve been caught in a 110cm deep swamp

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