I’m Mukai Itoha (向井 純葉)^. .^ (2023.03.14)

Nice to meet you all.

I am Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation member
Mukai Itoha (向井 純葉).

I look forward to your support.^._.^


Thank you for reading my blog.


(this is from the day we recorded the MV for Natsu no Chikamichi📸)


Finally, the blog relay has started〜♡

I’m continuing from Mio.


Today is Itoha’s turn!



This is my very first blog,
so let me start off by introducing myself.^. .^


N a m e        Mukai Itoha (向井 純葉)


D a t e   o f   B i r t h        16 years old, born May 9th, 2006


A n i m a l s   I   L i k e        I like Cats^. .^ more than anything else♡

I’ve actually been promoting cats in all sorts of places! There’s a cat in my signature too……♡
And I don’t just like cats, I like reptiles too🐍

But but, I like ALL animals ^._.^
I’m making plans to go the zoo soon!
Well I made plans, but I haven’t decided who to go with yet lol



F o o d   I   L i k e        Ramen     Sushi     Pasta     etc..

Actually, there are some other girls in the 3rd gen that like ramen too, so 3 of us ate ramen together the other day! It was tonkotsu I think~? It was delicious~!
We promised to go get sushi next time!
Hope we go soon〜🙌🏻

I’m also interested in malatang 。。💭



Also also, because of the influence of a certain person I really like,
lately I’ve also been really into plum flavored kuki-wakame snacks 。。。♡
That person had been eating it, so I tried eating it a lot too〜!!♡



T h i n g s   I   L i k e        Film appreciation     Trying out delicious food,
Reading manga
Looking at clothes etc etc



Lately I’ve been enjoying watching anime as well!
I’m really into the anime “The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten”



W h a t   t o   C a l l   M e        I’d like you all to call me whatever you’d like but,
or “Itochan”
is what I like to be called〜。。。!♡
“Itohachan” is good too.


Everyone has mostly been calling me “Itoha〜!”

But anyway, I like being given names, so please call me by lots of different names!


P e r s o n a l i t y        I feel like since joining Sakurazaka46, people have been telling me I’m friendly more often! I also laugh a whole lot and cry often as well.

Even though being praised makes me happy, I end up crying and I also often end up sympathy crying when I see someone else cry.! lol
Recently, I started crying because I empathized with Yuzu’s (Nakashima Yuzuki) emotions and she laughed at me for it lol




I’m the type of person who can’t stop talking once they’ve started, so I don’t think I’ve written nearly enough, but

There’s a lot more I’d like to write in the future as well so

I’ll wrap it up here for now。。。🥲





Then, held on March 4th and 5th was

Sakurazaka46’s Omotenashikai

Thank you.
How was it, everyone?



As for me, I’m actually the type of person who becomes nervous very easily and I was crying backstage the entire time. Shii (Yamashita Shizuki) held my hand and called out to me saying “It’ll be okay.”  I stopped crying just in time 。。。



Thank you for the wonderful view.
Even now, I smile when I think back on it.


It’s a memory I won’t forget for the rest of my life.




Arena level seats, 2nd floor seats, 3rd floor seats, 4th floor seats,
I could see all of you〜!👀


I actually got stronger contact lenses to make sure I could see well. So I could definitely see you〜!

I waved to those of you on the 4th floor as well… Did you notice〜?

I really loved the feeling when you’d all wave your penlights harder whenever I waved, it made me so happy.

I wanna see it again.







P e n l i g h t   C o l o r s
Emerald Green x Pastel Blue

Thank you for waving your penlights so much!

When I was choosing my penlight colors, when that person I really like saw those colors they told me
“Aren’t those beautiful〜?”
I wonder if that person has forgotten about that conversation already〜?? lol




Also also…

Our seniors came to Omotenashikai. They praised us so much, I was so happy.



I wanna be able to perform like you some day.


That’s what I said to our seniors the first time I met them.


We are working hard every day to move towards that goal.






N a t s u   n o   C h i k a m i c h i


“I   w a n t   t o   a s k   y o u   o u t 〜 !”


Thank you for all the praise I’ve received  for that part。。。💚🤍



It’s still embarrassing, but I was happy to hear people complimenting me

though I still can’t show it 。。。

I should just tell them honestly〜


There are so many other things I’d like to tell them as well but
The truth is I still get very nervous about talking to them


Recently I’ve managed to get to the point where I can talk to them without crying but,  on the day of Omotenashikai I would cry just by looking at them… or making eye contact with them 。。。




I haven’t told them this yet either, so it’s a secret. 🤫









Thank you for
the online meet & greet sessions

held on February 19th, 25th, and 26th.

It was so much fun〜!!!


Thank you so much

to everyone who made a lot of preparations for my sake.

Thank you for such a happy time.
I want to send you all happiness as well.



I like chatting, so try talking to me about all sorts of things!
I want everyone to know a lot about me, and I’d like to know a lot about everyone as well.

I’ll do my best to entertain you!

I was told by staff-san that my meet & greet truly looked really fun, so I’m very good at entertaining you all and making you all smile!


I want to talk to and get to know you all.


Let’s make lots of memories between the 2 of us in our meet & greets



I’m looking forward to being able to meet you all again this weekend.

I wanna talk soon ♩^._.^

Let it be the weekend alreadyyy!!!!




Then, then, this was me on the 25th📸



And here is me on the 26th📸









That’s all for

Itoha’s   F i r s t   relay blog.^._.^

Thank you for reading all the way through.



Let’s meet again in the next blog




Tomorrow will be Murai Yu-chan (村井 優)!

Yu is really good at dancing!
And she’s actually a really cute girl who loves Itoha and will often suddenly come be by her side。。。♡

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