Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Matono Mio (2023.03.13)

Hello, everyone

Thank you very much for opening this blog 😆👍🏻

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 3rd gen member
16 years old Matono Mio, a 1st year high schooler from Fukuoka

I’m continuing the relay from Yuzu 🏃‍♂️

We, the 3rd gen members, were all looking forward to starting our blog and are very happy to be doing so… 🎶


First of all, please allow me to introduce myself


Matono Mio (的野 美青) 🎯

The name “Mio” comes from how I was born on a day with clear [美] blue [青] skies ✌︎


[Favorite color]

My penlight colors are blue x pastel blue ☺︎


[Favorite food]
Salmon, Ikura, Ramen 🍜



On the handwritten profile uploaded on the special site for our reveal, my strengths (“Laugh often”) and weakness (“Not good at waking up”) were the same as Nagi’s, weren’t they? 😂

That was truly just a coincidence, even the two of us were surprised by it (°_°)



The same hoodie that I wore in the photo for the goods sale 👍🏻📸

People who came to my meguri called this 👍🏻 pose that I also did in my Vlog “Mio Good”, so I’m doing the Mio Good here in this selfie 🎶
[TN: caption in the photo also just says “Mio Good” in hiragana (みおぐっど)]


During meguri, there were some people asking to see me with a hair bun hairstyle, so I did it…!

I’m not good at arranging my hair, so I’m worried that it doesn’t look good, I wonder how it looks…? ( ˊᵕˋ ; )



(Curled my hair a bit for the selfie…)

I usually put this cat ears hairband on my favorite stuffed dolls 🧸

When I was looking for something cute to take a selfie with, I found this hairband so I put it on 🐱



Thank you very much for the two days of Omotenashikai!!


The scenery of your penlight will always remain in my mind 🌟🪄
Truly, thank you very much for livening it up as well as for all your cheering!

I was truly happy that so many people watched over us in our first concert!



I was very, very happy to have been able to perform the “BAN” centered by Rika-nee at Omotenashikai, it was something that we have always been practicing for

I’m sure that Rika-nee must’ve felt a huge pressure in centering “BAN”

Just before going up the stage, she had tears in her eyes and had an uneasy look on her face, but as soon as she stood on stage she didn’t show that at all and I was happy to be able to see a cool Rika-nee who danced intensely…


Just as she said during Omotenashikai, Nagi also practiced her piano until late at night, and she also did it from early morning

When Nagi finished her performance and said, “I did it with no mistakes〜!” with a smile on her face, I truly felt like I was about to cry



I hope that I could hear your thoughts about it a lot 🎶



📸 Photographer: Miu

And I am happy that you have watched 3rd gen’s song, “Natsu no Chikamichi” a lot!

Before filming the hallway scene of the MV, me, Airi, and Miu locked eyes and said, “Let’s go all out! Give it our everything!”, it was something that we are satisfied with! 😁



The costume I wore in this picture was the costume I wore in both the MV and Omotenashikai!

It was my first time being inside a school building at night, so I was fooling around 😆

It’s really blurry but you get the sense of movement, so it’s something good… (^ω^;)


Actually, Miu and Airi were also fooling around with me back then 😂




During the Omotenashikai’s send-off, I was very happy to be able to meet the people who came to my meguri in person~!

I really love the time spent in meguri. I always hope that this moment could last forever💭

When I think of your faces, it makes me wonder what we will talk about next ✌🏻

Let’s chat a lot again… ‪🫶🏻🤍




Have you seen
“Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”…!!

It was my first appearance so I was very nervous, but Ten-sama very kindly spoke to me before the recording, so I was able to relax a bit 🍀

Ten-sama!! Thank you very much!!



Thank you very much for reading through until here 🌸

Please read my next blog as well 🎯


Tomorrow is Itoha! Whenever I look at Itoha, she’s either laughing or crying 😂

That Ito(純)ha is ito(愛)oshii (?)
[TN: uhh………. she made a pun(?) out of Itoha’s name, taking the “Ito” and calling her “itooshii” which means lovely (different kanji tho)]

I’m looking forward to it~ 🤤


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