I’m on team choco mint!   Nakashima Yuzuki (2023.06.30)



Good evening. This is Nakashima Yuzuki.




Everyone, how are you?


I’m doing wellー!!


Thank you for watching the SHOWROOM broadcast the other day ♩


It was my first time, but I had fun thanks to everyone ♩


The stream was on Sunday, so I ended it saying “Cheer up for the week”, and now it’s Friday already! Hyahhoー


You did well this week 🍉




It’s been hot lately, hasn’t it?

When I was at home, I ate choco mint ice cream almost every day.


You can’t beat the deliciousness of the choco mint ice cream eaten on Friday nights!!


Everyone, do you like choco mintー?






Barely styled hair Yuuzu




Something that made me happy recently is


Taking a walk and eating gelato with Rika in the evening.

We talked about how nice it is when the evening turns into the night~!

I like the cooler times of summer.


If you have any recommendations for songs to listen to when taking a walk in summer evenings, please tell me.







The 6th single “Start over!” is currently on sale.

Have you been enjoying it?!

I’m listening to it on shuffle everyday ♩



I also watched the bonus footage!

I got into listening to “Saishuu no Chikamichi ni Notte” at night after watching the “Buddies Kanshasai” footage.


Have you watched the bonus footage?


The “Third Generation Omotenashikai” footage is included in TYPE-C & D!

Please watch it 💐






SHIBUYA TSUTAYA-san set up a wonderful exhibition for us!

Thank you very much.


Found hanging Yuuzu.




There were a lot of the third gens at the exhibit too, I’m really happy.


I took a lot of photos of the seniors’ panels 📸 they’re truly amazing!


If you can, please go!





If you read my blogs and watched my SHOWROOM stream, you might’ve noticed that


I’m addicted to saying “Something something Yuuzu”


Unkempt hair Yuuzu, drinking water Yuuzu, Lying down Yuuzu

Like that











I have announcements!


I’m featured on these magazines,




All of them are currently on sale!


Thank you very much.



We had different hairstyles and outfits for each one, it was so cute,,.
The third gens who looked different than usual were so cute,,.

My heart skipped a beat looking at the usually lovely members looking cool, hehe

They’ve created great pages for us, so please check it out!

Thank you.





I’ll answer some questions!



Q. Have you ever been to Ishikawa Prefecture?

A. I still haven’t,, 🥹
But I really want to go!! I once became obsessed with a drama set in Noto, Ishikawa!



Q. If we were to use an emoji to represent Yuzu, what should we use?

A. This is difficult! What would be good?! 🐕? 🌕? 🌻? Use whichever you like! Lol



Q. Which country would you like to travel to?

A. I can’t decide,,, I want to go to various places! Then I want to eat various foods! I like watching videos of people baking sweets from around the world. It’s fun to watch while imagining how the sweets would taste. 



Thank you very much for the questions ☺️

It’s fun to answer them.






Me on the day of the SHOWROOM stream~


These days, I hope you can cheer up when you see me! ^_^








Tomorrow is Mio’s blog!

I saw her SHOWROOM stream yesterdayー!
It was cute ♡


Look forward to Mio’s blog.




Well then,


Please stay healthy until my next blog.


It will be July tomorrow!!! I’m excited




I hope it will be a truly happy week for you 🌻


See you


From Yuuzu

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