INORI BLOG (2021.01.12)


This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.




Today is the Coming of Age day!

Congratulations for those who reached adulthood.


I guess this year there are many people whose ceremony for the coming of age got either cancelled or postponed. It’s somewhat sad 😥


Even so, as one of those the new adults, I will give my very best to make a lot of people smile through my activities in Sakurazaka46!




In the February edition of “Monthly Entame” magazine,
I talked about Seki Yumiko and my individual PV!


Have you watched 2nd-gens individual PVs that comes along with the 1st Single?


Each of them is unique. I can’t stop with the (saying/thinking) “How nice that was~” “Cute!!!” while watching them!!



Off-shots from “Koishite ♥ Rina WAVE”!







It seems like my fringe looked way thicker compared to nowadays, right? www
How nostalgic!
(supposedly 2nd-gen PVs were taken for Keyakizaka46’s 9th single, which got cancelled)



Well then, that’s about it for today,



This is the Rina-Rina WAVE!

Everyone, do try to mimic it!




Thank you for reading up until the end.



Bye-bye 🦒


Inoue Rina


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