Supporting… (2021.01.13)


Hello everyone

It’s Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation, Morita HikarušŸŒ±






On the other day, Matsudaira Riko graduation has been announced.





I think that the sudden announcement
surprised everyone


I was surprised too…






I had thought that the day
where my genmate will graduate would come,
but I didn’t expect it to come this soon


To be honest, I feel sad…



But it’s something that Riko-chan has decided
so I thought that I want to support Riko-chan
from now on.






Riko-chan is funny,
and always making everyone laugh

The stories she talked about lightly
are all truly shocking, it’s fun
to be together with her.


At the time of joining, when we are lined according to name order
we were placed next to each other, and I remember
how we talk often.





And above all, Riko-chan
liked the group a lot.



It always makes me truly happy
when she said, “I also love 2nd generation”.



I am truly glad to have met Riko-chan
as Keyakizaka46’s 2nd generation.



I will never forget the days of activities
we do together until now





Riko-chan, thanks for the hard work!


And I am filled with feelings of gratitude…


Thank you, truly!








But she’s still be here for the period of 1st single activity
I hope that she can enjoy it to the fullest~.


I also want to talk a lot
with Riko-chanļ¼¾ļ¼¾





I love you!











Well then, I will end it around here…





for todayšŸ°


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