INORI BLOG (2021.07.08)



This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.



Thank you for those who watched「TV Ongakusai 2021」!



We performed in a new costume!
The costume is designed to have an X shape!
Did you notice it??




Thank you for those who watched 「THE MUSIC DAY」as well!



Unlike the usual, that time we performed at 「HANA・BIYORI」, which was such a beautiful place. There were some elements taken from the MV that got incorporated in that performance!



There is a part where I danced in pair with Marina (Matsuda Rina), which we were able to replicate in that performance. It was different from what we usually do (in Live performances), but strangely that felt great!








This was getting really late,


but let me talk about BACKS LIVE!!






Thank you very much for those who came and watched it through the live streaming!



We were preparing ever since the rehearsals, hoping that we can convey our feelings through our performances.



The rehearsals is a bit different from the usual, where we did various things by ourselves, such as deciding on the choreography and thinking about what to do during the dance track.



It was very difficult. I also worried since I doubted myself whether what I had in mind were correct or not. It made my thinking about lots of things.



When I was going through the rehearsal period, instead of thinking whether my choices are correct, I was thinking more about things like “I want to do this kind of moves”, “In this part, I want to show more of my personality”, “I want to do it make it more like this!”.



There were a lot of things I didn’t manage to do well, but to me those moments are very meaningful.



I’m sure that each of you has your own opinion about our performances during those Lives, but I hope you were all enjoying it, and even better should you felt something out of it!



I want to be able to express my feelings both through my performances and words.



From now on, through lots of concerns and thoughts, I will overcome myself and continue to give my very best to be Sakurazaka’s strength.




Also, starting from tomorrow,


「W-KEYAKI FES.2021」will begin!!

The first day will be Sakurazaka46’s Live!
It will be the first time for the entire group to have a Live right in front of audiences!


The second day will be Hinatazaka46~san’s Live!


The third day will be a joint Live!


Everyone, let’s have fun together!
Online live viewing will be held for the entire 3 days, so please check it out!



Well then, be seeing you at the Lives!



Thank you for reading up until the end.



Bye~bye 🦒



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