Start of W-KEYAKI_FES._2021 (2021.07.09)


Good morning☀️

Today is finally
the start of”W-KEYAKI FES.2021″ 🌳

I am soooooo excited to be able to meet you after a long while
at the memorable FujiQ Highland’s Conifer Forest
together with everyone in Hinatazaka46!!


The first day will be our first outdoor live as Sakurazaka 🌸
We have done mini lives before,
but this is the first live where we are can thoroughly deliver!

All the members have
a very strong feeling toward this live.

We want to create a live that shows our intention to go forward as Sakurazaka46.

Please see it through
from the start until the end 🤍



Right now, the atmosphere of the group is more livelier than ever!

We are enjoying it,
so I hope that you can enjoy it to your heart’s content as well!


And the stream for entire event has also been decided in a hurry 🌳

I’d be grateful if those who cannot come to the location
could give it a look!!!


Please take care of us 🌸☀️



It’s been a while since we have a live with audience
And it’s difficult to raise your voice right now,
but I hope that you can support us a lot by using goods and such ☺︎

With that, the members discussed and decided
the lightstick colors to match with the songs ✨


Nobody’s fault→ White 🤍
Buddies→ White, Sakura Pink 🤍💖
BAN→ Red ❤️
偶然の答え→ Blue 💙


I’d be happy if we could create a special atmosphere of the song
by matching the lightstick!

We’ll be in your care✨



It’s a personal topic
Due to various reasons, I had to rethink my lightstick colors
from my beloved Fiance color (White x Pearl Blue)!


Sugai Yuuka
Yellow x  Violet 💛💜

(In the new lightstick, it’s the 7th and 13th color)

Please remember it as the color of roasted sweet potato 🍠

This color is easy to find from the stage!

Please do make appeal together with oshimen towel!
I’d be soo happy
when I find it,
I’ll give you a lot of eye contact ✨

I’ll be in your care,
Barizu [Yuuka’s fandom name]🐴




And this time, a fan-club only real puzzle solving game will be held in FujiQ Highland!

I actually played SCRAP’s real escape game before
so I was very happy that we could collaborate☺︎



The story is that Poka and me went missing right before the performance 🙌🏻

Please be sure to find us
so that the performance can safely start 🥺



Poka is so cute, I like him 💛





To commemorate WKF, with the cooperation of FujiQ Highland, we are able to plant a Keyaki tree together with a commemorative plaque 🌳

The commemorative plaque is also made out of wood, and carved in detail!

I am very touched
that they have created such a wonderful spot
that is the noticeable entrance of “Eejyanaika” 🥺

It appears that the Keyaki tree is still six years old.
I’d like to keep an eye on its growth from now on 🌳

Please do see it in person!


In the festival’s official page,
a talk between captain with Hinatazaka’s Kumi-chan has also been released!

Please do give it a look✨





7/7 was Habu-chan’s birthday 🎂

We celebrated it together ✨


Last time we celebrated it together with everyone on the day of Republic of Keyaki, how nostalgic!

Habu-chan always made me laugh a lot😊
Habu-chan who is looking silly but actually thinking about a lot of things is loved by everyone!
May it be a wonderful year ✩





I am grateful that the reprint of the book “Ano Hi, Konna Koto wo Kangaeteita” has been decided 📕✨

More people than expected has picked up the book
I am truly, truly happy!!

Thank you very much 😭


To commemorate the reprint, in “Nikkei Entertainment!” Official Twitter account there is a lottery campaign to win a signed copy of the book!

Thank you very much to those who have applied!

This book contains many memories of Keyakizaka, as well as my hopes for the future of Sakurazaka.
I hope that more people will read it from now on ✨


The new serialization that starts in Sakurazaka

is also featured in the currently on sale “Nikkei Entertainment! August”!

I talked a lot about my impression from watching BACKS LIVE!!, so please do give it a check 📕




Well then, for three days from today
let’s make the best unforgettable three days
together with the Buddies
and Ohisama!



To everyone who are coming to the site,
please take care.

Please don’t forget to wear warm clothes and stay dehydrated
as to avoid catching cold.

And to everyone who are supporting us through the streaming,
please unite your hearts and send us a lot of encouragement ✨


All the members will do their best together!


Let’s have funーー🌳🌸☀️







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