Inoue Blog (2023.11.29)


It’s Sakurazaka46’s Inoue Rina.


Thank you very much for


It was our first outdoor stadium concert. The venue was filled with Buddies, it really made me so happy.

I felt so happy to know that there are so many people who love Sakurazaka46, whether they came to the event, couldn’t make it, or watched it through streaming.

Three years ago, I didn’t expect to be able to do a concert in such a wonderful place like this.

I am truly grateful to the Buddies, members, staff, and many other people who always support Sakurazaka46.


Thank you as always.


It sure was fun to be able to have a lot of eye contact during the concert!
I looked at everyone the whole time!




On Day 1, there was a graduation ceremony for my beloved Habu-san.



Habu-san and her dress.
She was truly, truly so beautiful, I kept looking at her the whole time.

Habu-san was someone who always brought smiles to the group.

Habu-san’s words have made me happy, smile, made me want to work harder, and given me a lot of support.


I’m going to miss her so much, but I will always cherish what Habu-san has left behind in the group and do my best.



On Day 2’s performance of “Shoninyokkyu”, I performed in Habu-san’s position, and when I was practicing on my own she gave me advice like, “I think you should give an Inoue-like pose” or praised me with “You did very well!” even though I was far from ready. It made me very happy.


I gave my everything to perform in a position that Habu-san and fans cherished.


Habu-san, once again, congratulations on your graduation!
I will always love you!





And then, on Day2

The BACKS members of 7th single performed “Kakushinteki Croissant” and “Jouken Hansha de Naketekuru”!


I thought that I had to perform in such a way that with those two songs,
Everyone could look forward to BACKS LIVE, which was announced after it.

To be honest, I was always anxious and a bit scared to know how you would react to it.


It’s embarrassing, but it’s sort of a weakness of mine.


However, as I told everyone in my blog and my mobame when senbatsu was announced, I wanted to turn all my feelings into performance, and performed to the best of my ability to convey what I could do and what can these only these members could do.


When we announced BACKS LIVE after the performance, we received so much more cheering than I expected we would, which made me truly happy.

I thought that I had to work even harder from now on.


7th single’s BACKS LIVE will be held for four days:

15th – 16th January 2024

22nd – 23rd Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO).


I definitely want to have a full house!

FC pre-registration has already started.
I know it’s a weekday and many of you have school or work, but please come and see the show!
Thank you very much.



You can check the details here



Oh right!
In “Kakushinteki Croissant”, the song that I centered, there is a croissant pose in it 🥐

Everyone, please use it too!




I’m glad to have been able to celebrate our 3rd anniversary together with you.


Sakurazaka46 really loves all of you Buddies, you see.
Buddies, truly, thank you very much as always. I hope that we can continue to see many different sights with all of you from no won.


Please continue to give us your support in our 4th year as well!




Well then, that’s all for today,

Thank you very much for reading until the end.



Bye by~e 🦒

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