3rd anniversary (2023.11.27)



Good evening. It’s Yuuzu.





Thank you for the two days of


The twinkle of the penlights as I looked around the venue,
The gentle smiles on everyone’s faces as we looked at each other,
It all made me so happy.


I was so happy that I did a big jump as soon as the concert started. To everyone in the stage back seats, I apologize for startling you.


It was soooo much funーーー!


Let’s look back at the memories together with Yuuzu 🐦










On the first day, there was a graduation ceremony for my beloved senior Habu-san.




Being able to spend time with her was a special happiness that cannot be replaced by anything else.

I remember laughing a lot together with her during the 7th single period, pretending not to notice that we were about to say goodbye.

There were days where I could only face forward because of Habu-san.

It may have been a trivial thing for Habu-san, who was always full of kindness, but her nonchalant remark wrapped me in a gentle embrace, she has saved the me on that day and also the future me.
I’ll definitely never forget it.

Habu-san, thank you for the many smiles and laughter.

I love you ^_^














Hey, what the heck~
Is what she was saying.


(I was fooling around)






We took turns opening our mouths.

(I told her five times that I really like her hairstyle.)



My beloved seniors. I also want to become someone who can do a fun MC like them.






I’ll post my photos with the 3rd gen members in a different blogー

I’m glad that we could see a new scenery together.







Once again, thank you very much to everyone
Who came to the venue and who watched the stream for our “3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE”

Let’s celebrate together again next year.


Please keep supporting us in our 4th year as well.







I hope tomorrow will be a good day too 🌻


See you



From Yuuzu

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