Isn’t it getting really hot these days!? I hope it will get cooler soon!! Kojima Nagisa here (2023.06.17)



Hi everyone, KonNagi!


Kojima Nagisa from Sakurazaka46 here.

Things are getting a bit calm after the tour ended, so I’ve been spending my time leisurely👍🏻


I was not sure about which photo to post in the blog, but here you go, doonn☺︎



It’s me wearing the green dress during the shooting for the MV of Seijaku no Boryoku


📸I couldn’t make the peace sign properly lul👗






I’m really hooked on Blue Lock recently👀

Back a while ago, Airi (Taniguchi Airi) kept on telling me “Go on watch it, it’s interesting!!”, and finally now I managed to get my hands on it.




It’s a sport themed manga, but even so it is completely different from what I imagined. Each and every development of the story is so interesting!



There are so many characters full of personality and there were many instances that got me hooked on it,,,



A while ago, I kept on talking about it with Airi while we were commuting.



There are quite many 3rd gen girls who like to watch anime or read manga, so we would excitedly discuss about plenty of titles!




By the way, for whichever title, I always like the character that everyone would like in general, so everyone always says that it’s easy to guess my favorites. Hehe



I guess I’ll talk about it more in the next blog👀






It might ended up becoming a long story to tell, so let’s just move on to the main topic!!!!



↑ 3rd gen’s song “Seijaku no Boryoku” has been released!



Thank you for all of you who have watched it.



Today, I want to talk a bit about this music video!



This time, one of the themes is about being yourself and showing your own feelings just as how it is.



At the beginning, I was bad at dancing. When I must dance properly for the first time during the training camp, I was losing my confidence day by day,,,



This time, I recalled those feelings during the dance scene and where I was holding a plastic umbrella and dancing alone.



The girls who had lots of experience with dancing like Shizuki, Yu, and Miu were so cool. They were so reliable during the dance session, while at the same time I couldn’t be relied on.



Even though I am still unable to show a cool and beautiful performance like my seniors, I would be happy if I’ve managed to convey something to you all through “Seijaku no Boryoku”




Waaa~ I’m really bad at conveying things through words,,
Unlike the others, I’m not good with writing. I would like to get better at conveying things,,,




I believe each person will feel and perceive different things when listening to and watching “Seijaku no Boryoku”. Each of the 3rd gen members are also different and have great personalities. I feel that the work this time was made complete by combining all of those things together in one.




I’m so thankful for the director Ikeda, who told us to do things freely on our own, to Takahiro-sensei and Akane-sensei who kindly comforted me when I was feeling down for not being able to do things as I wanted them to be, also to everyone who took part in the making of this music video.



They were all there for so many hours for the shooting, under the scorching sun until their faces became red, under that frigid rain, and inside that humid gymnasium. I would like to continue my activities from now on to live up to those expectations.









I guess I’ve talked quite enough about it, so let’s talk about something cheerful from now on!!! lul





By the way, the country bumpkin high-school girl who is holding a plastic umbrella and wearing earphones is me!
I wonder if anyone noticed that~?



I really did dance in many places, like on the bridge, the streets, and the rooftop! Sometimes the rain fell and I got all drenched, hahah



Also, the one who is dancing in the green dress is me!
During the shooting, I was spinning around so much that I got dizzy,,


It’s crazy that some girls like Shizuki didn’t get dizzy even though they were spinning around a lot!!



Reina said this in her blog, but actually in order to get all sweaty, we went inside a hothouse that felt like a sauna (which was hot like a bedrock bath, lul).



It was really hot, but Mukai Itoha went out of control as usual and made things fun, lul



Also, when we circled up at the end of the MV, usually I would be the one who makes the call, but this time it was Shizuki who did it.



Shizuki is cool, isn’t she?😏
We circled up when we decided that we will be dancing one more time completely right after we’ve just finished. I think it was the loudest shout I ever heard from everyone!



But I didn’t expect it was going to be used in the MV, lul



The bonds of the 3rd-gens are getting stronger as we are doing that more and more, so it really keeps our spirits high💪🏻



I would like to do it with you all Buddies someday




Just like what I wrote in my blog last time,
I will be happy if this song can touch someone’s heart.







Also, as how it was announced yesterday, we 3rd gens are getting one more new song after “Natsu no Chikamichi” and “Seijaku no Boryoku”.




The title is “Anthem Time”!
I really love this song.
It really makes me happy to listen to it every morning🎶
I would be glad if all the three songs can be loved by everyone.







📚Happy News📚
Sakurazaka46 3rd gens will be featured in anan magazine, vol. 2353, which will be released on June 21st (Wed)!


Also, all the 3rd gens will be featured in ViVi magazine, August edition, which will be released in June 22nd!



Perhaps you’ll be able to see something different from everyone🫣



Everyone is really cool✨✨✨
(I just love the 3rd gens)
Please wait for those😎





Also, on the same day as anan magazine release data, I will be featured in Weekly Shonen Magazine no. 29, June 21st (Wed).


Not to mention, it will be my first time to be featured alone in a cover of a magazine!!
Thank you very much!



There were many off-shots taken, so I’ll post them in the blog after the release date!



Please check them out.
Look forward to those!!







🌷My Playlist🌷
I would like to answer this question that came up in my previous blog!


○What kind of songs you usually listen to?
In general, I listen to anything like J-Pop, K-Pop, or the western ones, but I guess I listen to J-Pop the most!



I always listen to idol songs, but recently I also listen to the songs by Mrs. GREEN APPLE!




Don’t you just feel like listening to them when the summer comes!?



When I was in junior-high school, the theme songs for the school festival every year were always Mrs. GREEN APPLE songs. I just can’t help but to associate them with summer or school festivals.


If I’m not mistaken, “Speaking” was used during my 1st year, and “WanteD! WanteD!” was used during my 2nd year (I actually didn’t remember this one, so actually it might be wrong! Sorry!), and then during my 3rd year it was “Haru to Natsu”!



Also, during my 1st year in high-school, I joined the light-music club in which the first song that I practiced and performed with the others was “INFERNO”.



It was so difficult that I practiced it every day. On Saturdays and Sundays, I would go to my friend’s house, who was learning guitar, and we would practice a lot. It was such a memorable song!



They were really a part of my youth!!





Also, I listen to “Ai no Kedamono” by ANGERME,
and to the cover versions of idol songs by Suzuki Airi-san👀


I really like the Anisong Cover Project by Suzuki Airi. I listened a lot to “PRIDE Kakumei”, “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari”, “Snow halation”, “Catch the Moment”, among other things!



There’s no end if I keep on talking about it,, lul
There are many songs that I like to listen too, so maybe I will write more if there are demands about it.









🌷SHOWROOM Live!!!🌷
It was decided that the 3rd gens will be doing SHOWROOM Live!


The program is titled “3rd Gens Relay SHOWROOM”


I like to talk, so I’d be happy to be able to have conversations with all of you!



The schedule will be posted soon, so look forward to it~






That’s it for today!





Next up is Airi~
Yesterday we went out to play together!
Yu and Miu were there too❤︎



It was really fun!!!


I will write about it on my next blog☺︎




Lastly, here’s one picture during the shooting of the MV


📸Me after getting drenched in the rain☂️






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