Summer Night Wind Odakura Reina (2023.06.16)

Happy Friday☺️


How’ve you been?


I bought a massage cushion recently.
I used it too much because it felt good and ended up with a lot of bruises on my back.
Moderation is key.


I am Odakura Reina
18 years old, from Tokyo.



The new uniform is cute




“Seijaku no Bouryoku”
Have you listened to it yet?


The theme is “loneliness.”
I’m very interested in what you guys think about it.


I’ll give you a bit of what I felt.


The loneliness we all feel in our lives differs from person to person,
and I think it can be very difficult to understand the loneliness another person feels.

So sure, it’s easier to just shut up and start feeling like you want to give up on everything.

But perhaps “loneliness” is shutting yourself away in your lonely feelings, refusing to talk about it, and giving up on connecting with others.

Sometimes people find themselves falling into “loneliness,”
But it would be wonderful if through this song everyone could find the strength to move forward towards their dreams and reach out without giving up.


That’s what I thought about while I danced for this song.

This is the song I want to deliver to everyone in front of me.
Please be sure to try listening to it.




Behind the scenes from the music video

We went into this greenhouse that was like a sauna before we danced so we could work up a lot of sweat.
The 3rd gens, TAKAHIRO-sensei, and our manager were all sweating~



Ito-chan was a master of heatwaves with the towel she brought.
Mio was laughing a lot when she saw it~


The cute youngest combi
I wonder what they’ll be like as adults
I want them to eat lots and grow up healthy
I’m looking forward to it




Q&A Corner

Q. What kind of hairstyles do you want to try in the future?

A. I want to try having short hair~
But I have 3 times the hair volume of a normal person and it poofs out… Oh well… 

I’d also like to try curling my hair💭

I’ll arrange my hair for meet & greet and post pictures on my blog. Look forward to it!


Q. What was your favorite subject in high school?

A. I liked Math III and Modern Literature~
I loved math, though I didn’t get very good scores on my tests. I have memories of enjoying the classes while my friends would whine about it~

What I like about Modern Literature is the spirit and stories that arise from a modern setting~





The release of Sakurazaka46’s official mobile game “Sakukoi” has been announced!

The key visual that features our seniors is so cute and exciting!

I’ll be installing the app as well.
Let’s capture the hearts of my seniors together~

You can check it out here




The wind at night has felt really nice lately. Once in a while, I’ll take my telescope and look at the moon.

This is my Moon Pose🌕




That’s it for this blog.


You can scroll back up to the top and read it again. Juuuust kidding!

By the way, I like Miu’s blogs.
I always scroll back up to the top and read it a second time. Also, she looks cute with short hair.


I hope to be the brightest star in your heart💫
This was Odakura Reina!


Enjoy Nagi’s blog~

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