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Let’s stay up late together for tonight〜





Tonight 24:00〜24:58
“Sakurazaka46’s All Night Nippon X”


Inoue Rina, Tamura Hono, and I
will be in charge ✨



The Zutto Haru Dattaranaa trio〜


We hope to make it a fun night!
Please listen*






We were able to celebrate the 3rd tour’s finale in Osaka!



On the last day there was a also a worldwide stream

Thank you to everyone who watched
At the end, we performed our 6th single “Start over!” for the first time ✨



Have you seen the music video yet, too,,
We watched it together at the time of its premiere~~





You all have been rapidly increasing the number of views,
It’s really giving momentum to this song!!

It gives us so so much energy



With the help of the power of all the Buddies, we will do our best to reach the hearts of many people!!!








All 11 shows,


Thank you very much for coming to see us while adjusting your schedules such as work and school


Thank you for preparing so many things,
Thank you so much for letting your voice out〜*

It reached us well!





Thank you for the flowers as well🫧









And, the 3rd generation song, “Seijaku no Bouryoku” MV has also been released🪽





After running through this tour with the 3rd generation,
I felt it again, but


I love the 3rd generation’s performance〜



It was so alive

That’s what I felt




I ended up falling silent and staring,,

It makes me want to do my best too




















All 8 episodes of “Actress” are being streamed on Lemino✨


Not only with the solving of the case, but I hope you also feel the deepening of the bonds between each family member and friends








The “Actress Official Memorial Book”, which is now on sale, includes interviews with each of the characters and many photos that can only be seen here!

I actually read it too,,

Honda-sensei, Director Koroyasu, and Yashiba-san, who co-starred with us, gave us precious and kind words
I read them again and again



I think you will enjoy the drama more by reading this book
Please check it out!

The compilation is also available on stream, so by all means 🍲




With my beloved Runapi🫛







Waa〜 Just now!

“SakuKoi” was revealed 🫶


You can start playing in July, but there is also a pre-registration campaign to get rewards when the game starts

Please check it out here!







Let’s develop feelings for each other〜*


           Ozono Rei



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