10. I’m Endo Riko, a 17 years old 2nd year high school student from Saitama. (2023.06.15)







Setting goals.
It’s one of the things that I cherish in my life.




From today on, I will set one goal in relation to my activities, and post it on this blog. ☺︎



”To not mind what people think and live the way I am.”



Though this is such a broad goal,
And might come off as something easy,
This is my current goal.

I hope the day where I can achieve will come.





To you guys too,

”I don’t wanna go to school~”
”I can’t be motivated to do my job”

If you’ve ever thought like that, I think it might be good to set even just one small goal for yourself☺︎




By the way for me,
”To make everyone smile.”
I have that kind of goal as my daily goal!!




Let’s do our best together tomorrow too~!







[Thank you so much for 3 Million in Natsu no Chikamichi.🌸]



Everyone has listened to it a lot of times right,,
I’m really happy.

Thank you so much!


The first song that the 3rd gens got,
I will continue to cherish it. ☺︎





It’s Airiko~
”It’s back light! The pic will be darkー!”
Miu said that,
And this is the pic where Airi blocked the light with her coat. ☺︎



Though it is still not long ago when I just entered Sakurazaka, when I look at the pictures from a while back, it already feels nostalgic.

Ever since I joined Sakurazaka everyday is really exciting,
Maybe it’s because each day is really intense.

Thank you for everything. ☺︎




I learned the wonderfulness of creating music with “Natsu no Chikamichi”

When I only listened to the instrumental,
When everyone’s voice is being put together,
And then, when we added the dance.


The impression I got on each phase is really different.




The many staff who have given each of us 3rd gens power,

We also can experience how the music is being completed from up-close,

I was able to experience the joy of creating music.







[Seijaku no Bouryoku]



And so,
The 3rd gen’s song “Seijaku no Bouryoku” is finally uploaded on YouTube~!

It’s a work that’s filled with the 3rd gen’s good points. ☺︎


Since I’d be frustrated if I missed even a single second of it, I watched the video in 0.5 speed!




Everyone, please try listening to it too!



Though the theme of this song is loneliness,
I want this work to be something that can be a support to everyone emotionally.


”Loneliness” is scary right?
Though I do like spending time alone, I don’t like feeling lonely.

When you feel the loneliness coming,
Listen to this song, and please remember that there must be someone who thinks of you. ☺︎ 



The circle we form at the end
It’s heart-warming when you realize that you have friends. ☺︎

And to you guys, you have us okay~!!





Behind the scene of the MV shooting~☺︎



Since I want “Seijaku no Bouryoku” to be something that shows off the full power of the 3rd gen,

During the shooting I managed to forget that I’m bad at dancing and just danced with the flow!



By the way,
In this song, we danced with our hair tied, did you guys notice it?

I danced while remembering the times where I felt lonely during the training camp.

Since the place is similar to the place where we held the training camp. ☺︎



There were certainly times that I felt lonely during the training camp.
But, the bonds between the 3rd gen have become stronger than before.

I want to continue overcoming any tall obstacles together with all the 3rd gens. ☺︎








[EX Taishu]


I will be featured in the EX Taishu edition that will be released on 15th June.




The release day is 15th June.




Is there anyone who has seen it?
Please see it okay~☺︎



The cover is of the 1st gens!!

I’m really happy that I get to be featured at the same time where the 1st gens are on the cover.




I was really happy that I got to do photoshoots in various places.
It was a really fun shooting.


Thank you so much. ☺︎





The beautiful sky and greenery. The beautiful costume also looked great right. ☺︎







[Question corner!]



This is the question corner that I announced on the previous blog. ☺︎





○Is there any perfume you use?

I,,  don’t wear perfumes,,

Maybe it’s better for me to use it soon so I can join the adult circle.

Since I have Fluer’s AUX PARADIS at home, let’s try using it~!!
It has a nice smell. ☺︎



○What kind of cooking do you like?


I’m confident in cooking Tamagoyaki. ☺︎
Rii’s Tamagoyaki is delicous~😏



○Do you,, like me,,?

Well, can’t help it,
I will say it for you. 👀


I love youuuu!!!








I tried styling my hair!!


So Miu said,
「I want you to try styling your hair. 」
She said that to me〜☺︎



How is it? Let me know your thoughts okay.

(Ah, by the way Miu’s short hair is really cute!!)




Tell me if there’s any styling you want me to do okay. ♪


I want to try a lot of styling soon on Meet & Greet~ ☺︎





Though this is sudden, here’s a new corner!!


🐶What team are you guys? After all it’s Riko Team~!!🐶


Are you guys team Kinoko no Yama?
Or are you guys team Takenoko no Sato?

I’m team Takenoko no Sato.
[T/N: Kinoko no Yama and Takenoko no Sato is a snack name, kinoko means mushroom, takenoko means bamboo shoot. Also known as chocorooms and chococones respectively overseas]



But for everyone, you are team Riko righttt!!!???



#私は理子派 (#I’mTeamRiko)

Using that tag,
tell me what team you are okay~☺︎ lol






And so,
I think it’s time to end today’s blog~






Ah, wait a minnn!!!!


Before I end today’s blog,
There’s something I forgot to sayyy!!




Everyone in Team Riko~!



Though Team Itoha is also good,,,
[T/N: いと派 read: Ito Ha, which literally means Team Ito, but it’s a word play to be Itoha. See her last blog]


I want everyone to always be Team Rikooo~. Just kidding 😮



Please be Team ItoRiko!! ☺︎



By the way for me,
I think rather than a dog person I’m more of Team Ito!

Since Ito-chan is cute right. ☺︎






Next is Reina’s blog!
I  can’t wait~♡




I heard a lot of Rika-chan’s stomach grumbling.🫢
I’m sorry for laughing. 🤫

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