Mmm (2023.06.14)






It’s been 10 days!



The one in charge for today’s blog
is Ishimori Rika ☺︎




It’s already the middle of June
It seems like half of the year 2023 has already passed〜
Pyaー, how fast

How does a year go by this fast…

I’m bad with the heat
But for some reason, summer is always over so quickly before I have time to hate the heat
It feels like just one day!



Even if I say it’s hot in the summer
After the evening, the temperature becomes very comfortable, doesn’t it?
I was walking with Miu yesterday
“This temperature is so nice, isn’t it?”
“It’s great, isn’t it?”
We walked together happily〜〜




Thank you for your hard work these past 10 days ☺︎
You did your best 〜〜
You must be tired 〜〜









Work, school, part-time jobs
I’m sure there are many other things that are hard for you
You are all great everydayー!




There are a lot of times my feet get tired,
So I’ve been using a product called “Kyusoku Jikan”
that relieves the feet
I put it on almost every day

If there’s anyone whose feet get tired tooー!
Try putting it on〜 lol




There are days when I’m tired, but
What made me happy was…


Receiving your letters ✉️
No matter how many times I receive them, it makes me happy
My treasure




The questions I received,
I’ll answer them at the end of today’s blogー!






Kochira Yurakucho Hoshizora Housoukyoku
Did you listen to it〜?

I listened carefully to it in real time, too 🎧

I was so nervous at the beginning lol
I love radio
And because it was my favorite Kochihoshi
I was stiff… lol

I talked to Inoue-san directly
But I like the “Great Delusion Explosion” corner
I love Inoue-san.!




Speaking of nervousness…
When I made my first appearance on Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?
I was incredibly nervous


It was seriously about 5 seconds before I started crying


But I was the first 3rd gen member to appear
And I’m the oldest in the 3rd gen
I thought “I shouldn’t cry…!”
and did my best




During the first appearance,
Tamura-san was the one that introduced me
I was so nervous that I cried before the show
She said, “Let’s hold hands〜”
and held my hand
She was so kind…



Right before going home after the first day of the 3rd TOUR Osaka concert
Tamura-san came close to me and said with a smile,
“BAN was great〜
It was nice that Rika-chan’s personality came out
in the part after ‘the noodles got soggy’〜”

I was full of anxiety
These words really saved me







The seniors are very nice
Even if they are absolutely exhausted
They talk to me casually
They smile at me when our eyes meet
My respect for them grows more and more each day. 🧸




On the third day of the Kanagawa leg
We performed the special BAN for the first time
On the way back home from the show,
patted me on the back
and said “thank you for your hard work today” to me

I was so happy that I almost cried






I’ll put the congratulatory flowers from the Fukuoka and Kanagawa legs of the 3rd TOUR in the next blogー!
Thank you for the flowers ☺︎





As the 6th single is about to be released
New artist photos have also been unveiled〜!

The 3rd gen uniform is a little different from the seniors
We are wearing white and light pink!
So cute〜〜〜

I’ll take a picture when I wear the uniform again〜 📷




The 3rd gen received another song this time
I am very happy
Thank you very much

From 22:00 today
the music video will be premiered on YouTube!


I’d be happy if the 3rd gen song could also be loved by many people
and would be a supportive song for someone

In order to convey it to you through our performance
I will also sing and dance with all my heart when we show it to you





Question corner!


Q What is your favorite color when it comes to clothes?

I recently realized that I automatically pick cold colors!
I like colors such as blue, light blue, green, etc〜!



Q What do you want to do when you can start using the messaging app?

Phone calls and messages!!!!



Q Which part of Jojo’s do you like?

Part 5!!!!
I only know up to part 6 because I follow it through the anime, but I guess out of all of those, part 5,,
But it’s hard to throw away part 3…. hmmm part 6 was also good…
I also liked part 4, which was different…
I like Joseph Joestar, so part 2 is also good…
This is very difficult!



Q What is your favorite flower? I would like to know as reference when sending out congratulatory flowers!

I love all kinds of flowersー!
I can’t pick just one because they are all so beautiful,
I’m glad that you want to send them
Thank you ( ˶˙ᵕ˙˶ )





Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?
Have you seen the acting ability check〜?

If you haven’t yet…
You can watch it
on the VR SQUARE app ☺︎


Mio-chan sticking her chin out was so funny〜 lol
She kept doing it in the dressing room so
I’ve been wondering about it
I had no idea she was practicing for that theme!! lol


Next week is the second half〜





That’s all for today!

Tomorrow is Riko-chan’s turn ☺︎
She’s heard my tummy rumble a lot of times lately〜






And so!




That was






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