It’s Airi’s 18th blog~~ 🍕 ㊗ ️🍠  Taniguchi Airi (2023.09.14)




Thank you for opening my blog!




I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡






It’s the 18th blog from Airi, who got really excited after seeing all the pizza on the dinner table for her birthday and ended up spilling the soda in my cup all over the pizza~~





Long time no see!




Since the blog number is the same as my age, I wanted to write about that story~



The pizza became sweet and salty~ 🍕




By the way, I did the same thing on my brother’s birthday and got scolded.







Everyone, have you ever made a mistake because you got too excited?



Please tell me by using the hashtag~!


#愛季に知らせたいこと (#WhatIWantToLetAiriKnow)







ーーー Shinsekai ーーー



The other day, I went to Shinsekai, which I’ve always wanted to visit!


I wanted to write about the contents, but I shouldn’t spoil,,, 🤫




I also went to the Sakura café~~


I savored the two-colored Nagaredama costume curry
And the Nagaredama float!


I also got one bite of the black pancake from Nagi (Kojima Nagisa)~


It was delicious!


Please try them if you come to Shinsekai!




I was happy because I could obtain the Cool keyrings~

I got the Gumgum keyring I wanted~~ 🤭




I also wrote the “se” on the Shinsekai display wall, so please take a look at it too!







From the Shinsekai key visual shooting!


I was excited because it was the first time I put on thick makeup!

I want to try it once again someday~





ーーー UNI’S ON AIR ーーー



Starting from 9/19 17:00~
Finally we the third gens will be added to UNI’S ON AIR!




I’m really happy to be able to announce this to everyone!


Please check it out~!




The chibi Airi is cute 🤭










ーーー Natsu no Chikamichi ーーー



400 full bloom 🌸
[T/N: Rhymes with 4 million views]


The music video for “Natsu no Chikamichi” has surpassed 4 million views~!


Thank you very much 😊


I’m very, very happy that so many people have listened to it!






I have a behind the scenes story I want to tell you,



Please take a look at my feet around the “Hikari sashikomu” part at 3:18!




Can you see that there’s a border around there?

That’s actually not a coincidence




It’s a boundary between the light and shadow that was specifically created by the director, Kato Hidejin-san!



I think that really matched the interpretation of Natsu no Chikamichi that was discussed by the third gens,
So I danced with the thought of “I definitely have to squat down at the border!” 



I was really happy because I succeeded ☺️




Please check it out once again!






ーーー Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka? ーーー




The other day, the Shiga location shoot episodes were broadcasted~!



Lake Biwa, baumkuchen, Takemoto-san’s cherished places, amago, houjicha, meat, etc,,,


It was all realllllly fun and delicious!


I got itokiri mochi on the way home, and that was delicious too 🤤



It was so fun that I made a promise with Riko (Endo Riko) to go there again!





Powerful girl born on Lake Biwa!
[T/N: Takemoto Yui’s catchphrase]

(I imitated her in secret,, 🤭)







ーーー Happy announcements ーーー




I will appear on 




blt graph vol.94
On sale on September 26th (Tuesday)



On sale on September 27th (Wednesday)



B.L.T. November edition
On sale on September 28th (Thursday)



On sale on October 2nd (Monday)




I’ll write more about the details in my next blog, so let me write just the announcements this time!




Please check them out~ 💕







I’d like to post the picture that I sent for the audition document review, which I said I’d post in my last blog!




A little nervous



I wonder why





It’s somehow embarrassing to post photos from before I met everyone. Lol




Do people usually post this kind of photo for their 1st anniversary after joining the group or something? 







It’s fine. Lol




I felt uneasy all the time after pressing the “Apply” button, until I received the acceptance documents.




I’ll tell you more someday.







ーーー QnA Corner ーーー




○ Are there any anime series you’ve been watching recently?




I watched Dr. STONE until the third season!



Also, Fullmetal Alchemist~

I just started, so I still can’t recognize all of the characters!



I’m also thinking of rewatching Your Lie in April which I used to like after a long time~





○ Which lip products are you using?




I’ll be introducing my own lip products that I use when I do my own makeup, since the makeup staff use their own products when they do my makeup!




I mix these two productsー!
JUDYDOLL Mirror Tea Jelly Light Lip Glaze #N01 Milky Peach
rom&nd #13 EAT DOTORI



Please tell me if you have any recommendations!




○ Is there any food that Airi-chan has been into recently?




This isn’t really any particular food item, but a food combination. I put kimchi on roasted sweet potatoes!




When I said that, I got this surprised response “Ee~! I can’t believe thatー!!!” (in Yuzu and Yu’s voice)



Since roasted sweet potatoes are sweet, people seem to think that you should put sweets or whipped cream on them



But for me,



Sweet potatoes are a part of my meal, so I put on salty things like kimchi~





When I opened the fridge before going to bed, I happened to find roasted sweet potatoes and kimchi, so I went to bed feeling excited thinking, “This must be it!”’ But it seems like the members don’t think so.




Everyone, for roasted sweet potatoes,



Do you put on whipped cream?

Or do you put on kimchi?



Which one are you~~???







That’s all for today!





The other day, I won a Hachiware plushie from a crane game~!
[T/N: A character from Chiikawa]




It’s sleeping peacefully inside my bag





Tomorrow is Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki)!




Seems like Yuzu is on team whipped-cream-on-roasted-sweet-potatoes!


Since it’s sweet, she thinks the sweet x sweet combination would be best.




She said she loves the red bean paste x whipped cream comboーー!


Our tastes in food are similar, but maybe our preference differs when it comes to combinations~




I’ll try red bean cream bread next time~


Yuzu should try roasted sweet potato with kimchi too~

I’ll bring some to your place!




Look forward to Yuzu’s blog~






See you 👋🏻👋🏻




Good night 😪




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