1st Photo Book (2023.09.14)


Putting in my eight years worth of gratitude



It has been decided that my
1st Photo Book
will be released on 7th November 2023



First of all, I wanted to give something back to all of you who have found me.

And together with the feeling of wanting
to leave a bridge between “my memories and the future me”,
I was given the opportunity to put my thoughts into this book.



I’m truly happy to be able to
share this news with you right now in my own words.




↓ ↓ ↓


Official X [Twitter] @habu_1st

Off-shots and pictures that are released in advance
will be published from this account from time to time
If you are curious even for the slightest bit,
I hope that you can keep your eyes peeled on this account
※A total knock-out of a movie has been prepared too 👁️♡






Limited Rakuten


Limited @ Loppi・HMV


Limited Kinokuniya Store





An important book that I created with my beloved people
This will be my first attempt, though…
through this book, I hope that
my thoughts and happiness will reach many people ☺︎




Sakurazaka46’s Habu Mizuho








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