It’s Airi’s 19th blog~~ Taniguchi Airi (2023.09.25)





Thank you for opening my blog




I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡






It’s the 19th blog from Airi, who went shopping because there was a thing she really wanted to buy, but she forgot what that was as soon as she came to the place and went shopping for nothing~~




Long time no see.



In the end, I never remembered what it was that I wanted to buy,,,,,


I wonder what,, 🤔



You’ve had that happen too, right?









ーーー 7th Single “Shonin Yokkyu” ーーー




The music video for “Shonin Yokkyu” was released on YouTube today at 22:00.



Have you watched it?




If you haven’t, please do!!





The music video was shot by Director Kato Hidejin
Who also worked with us for Natsu no Chikamichi.



It’s such a cool and wonderful music video.



I’m happy to have another song and video that I love!


Thank you very much.





During the shoot, Ten-san cheerfully encouraged me, who was feeling frustrated because I couldn’t quite portray what I had in mind.




I was truly grateful to all the warm and kind seniors during the preparation period.




I am filled with gratitude for the environment I’m in now.









As I mentioned in the previous topic,





The other day, the formation for the 7th single “Shonin Yokkyu”,
Was announced on “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”




I have been selected as a senbatsu member for this single.



Thank you very much





Thank you very much to everyone who has supported me, who just joined the group. 


I’ll do my best to be able to repay everyone who has supported me!









I think there are also opinions which are against the participation of the third gens in the title song starting from now.






I strongly feel that,,


I want to work even harder.
I want to show myself to even more people.


So, please watch over me, who will continue to grow even more!



I’ll do my best so that people will think, “Airi-chan was amazing in this song, I want to see more of her!” and such!






I’ve never been good at conveying my thoughts to other people, and whenever I try to, I would end up on the verge of tears and unable to convey my thoughts, so my writing might not be the best,,,.



However, I wrote this in the hope that it will convey what I’m thinking right now, even if only a little.


This is probably the first time in my life.


My heart is pounding while I’m typing.






I’m going to change the topic a little, but,
I’ll do my best to not waste the chance I’ve received!




It has been quite a while since the formation announcement, but while I’m facing myself day by day, I’m battling with various kinds of emotions.




I’m going to learn and grow to be able to catch up to the seniors little by little!





Please support us for the 7th single promotional period.



I hope it will be loved by lots of people!




I’ll do my best! Whooー! 💪🏻



The costume for this single looks so pretty when we spin, I love it!





ーーー Meet&Greet ーーー




Online meet & greet sessions will be held for the release of the 7th single!


Here is the schedule,


October 22nd (Sunday)
November 3rd (Friday・Holiday)
November 4th (Saturday)
November 18th (Saturday)
November 19th (Sunday)
December 3rd (Sunday)


If you’re available for any of the dates, please come~



The next one is the 3rd round of application,
It will be on September 27th (Wednesday) 14:00 ~ September 28th (Thursday) 14:00!



The third gens will participate in all six rounds, so I’m happy that we’ll be able to talk more!


I’ll be waiting!






ーーー UNI’S ON AIR ーーー




On September 24th (Sunday), Taniguchi Airi, Matono Mio, Mukai Itoha, and Yamashita Shizuki appeared on the broadcast of the “Sakurazaka46 3rd Gen Members addition on UNI’S ON AIR” special video on the UNI’S ON AIR official YouTube channel~!


Did you watch~?




If you haven’t, or if you’ve watched already but you want to watch again, please watch it before you forget~! 

⚠️ Available for a limited time only!





I didn’t expect to pull the signed SSR version of myself,,, I was also happy that I pulled a Riko (Endo Riko) SSR~~ 🤭🤭🤭



I’m usually not that lucky though,,

I even want to transfer the game data to my phone,,



It was fun to chat a lot~ ☺️






Also, also,



The third gen members have been added to the game~~



I tried pulling, and I got Yu (Murai Yu)’s SSR~! 

When I told Yu, she said “Please raise me~” so I immediately maxed her level!



Since Yu asked me to, you know,,,

Can’t help but to raise her level, right???



When I told her how it turned out, she was happy!

Nice~ ☺️☺️




Everyone, please raise us third gens lots~~









Chibi Airi is cute, isn’t she? 🤭




Chibi Airi is now displayed in my room







ーーー Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka? ーーー




The other day, we had a battle with the seniors!



We ended up losing, but it was fun!!




For the balloon game, I even held a strategy meeting with Yu (Murai Yu) and Riko (Endo Riko)~


But in the end, it all comes down to stamina,,,

My arm muscles were screaming,,,




I managed to somehow do well as the uneven duo with Miu (Murayama Miu)~!
[T/N: She called the duo name “凸凹コンビ” in Japanese, the shapes kind of resemble them too]

We might even be the fastest? 🤔





For the battle with Inoue-san, I was happy to be chosen~


Actually, I think I’m one of the strongest in the third gens~

I’m surprisingly powerful 💪🏻





The dodgeball game was frustrating, huh~~

I couldn’t really grab the ball,,,

I was in charge of running away at school too





But it was a fun episode where I got to have fun playing sports after a long time~!!









ーーー blt graph.-san ーーー




I’m featured on blt graph. vol.94 which will be released on September 26th (Tuesday)!


I’m the fourth one for the third gen gravure series!!


I had a reallllllly good time at the shooting, so I want to post the off-shot as soon as possible ☺️


Please look forward to it~ 🍉





ーーー IDOL AND READ-san ーーー




I’m featured on the cover and the opening pages of IDOL AND READ no. 36 which will be released on September 27th (Wednesday)!


I got to choose two outfits from several options~!


I really liked the set for the shooting, so please check it out!





ーーー B.L.T.-san ーーー




Us third gens are featured on the cover and the first 30 pages of B.L.T. November issue which will be released on September 28th (Thursday)!


I’m really happy that we got another special feature!


Please pay attention not only to our photos, but also to the 20,000-word discussion!





ーーー Top Yell NEO-san ーーー




Yu (Murai Yu) and I are featured on the cover and the opening page of Top Yell NEO 2023 Autumn which will be released on October 2nd (Monday)!


It was my first shoot as a duo with Yu~


Both the interview and the shooting were in our usual warm and fluffy atmosphere, so please feel our fluffiness! Lol








I’m happy that I got to do a lot of magazine release announcements 🥰


Don’t forget~!


I’ll post the off-shots next time~





ーーー QnA Corner ーーー





○ Your favorite taiyaki flavor?



Red bean!!




I like it so much that I think it’s the only choice for me.




The other day, I ate taiyaki with Riko (Endo Riko)~

We’ve been wanting to for a while, so it was nice that we finally got to~ ☺️







○ What are your essential habits?




I think it’s to make my bed in the morning~


I’ll make my dolls sit properly 🧸




Also, to listen to music while getting ready in the morning!


I can’t move if I don’t listen to music,,,,



Lately, I’ve been trying hard to get into the habit of filling the bath with hot water the moment I get home 💪🏻




Please tell me your essential habits~!!!






○ What is Airi-chan’s favorite flower?




I like all flowers, but,



Probably~ 🤔🤔


・Baby’s breath



But I think I’ll be fine with any kind of flowers 🤭




For several years now, I have liked buying flowers for my birthday,
So I looked up a lot of things about flowers!


After moving to Tokyo, I even bought a vase but I haven’t used it once~


Maybe I should buy flowers after this,,










That’s all for today!!





Lately, even in the afternoon, it’s been cool when the wind blows~




I’m excited that the season when we can comfortably take walks is coming ☺️




Make sure to cover your body with a blanket when you sleep so that your body does not get cold due to temperature changes~







Tomorrow is Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki)!




The other day, Yuzu showed me videos of her dog~

I got healed~,,,,



She always says “Airi looks like my dog back home”



Then, please continue to pamper me from now on~~ 🐶



Look forward to Yuzu’s blog!








Summer is coming to an end~~



Airi learned how to draw on photos






See you 👋🏻👋🏻

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