It’s Airi’s 21st blog~~ ㊗️⭐️🍲 (2023.10.07)






Thank you for opening my blog




I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡










It’s the 21st blog from Airi, who tripped on the tissue box that fell on the floor when she was rushing to leave home~~








㊗️ Our individual blogs have opened!
[T/N: The character in the emoji means “congratulations”]




So happy~






My last post was yesterday~~ 🤭🤭





I said that I wasn’t sure if I’d keep the title format on SHOWROOM, but I’ve decided that I will~!


I wonder how long will I continue using it~~? 🤭







You’ve also experienced crushing tissue boxes accidentally before, right~?



That’s just depressing,,,








By the way!


We have new uniforms~!









I just realized that I didn’t have a full-body photo while looking for the new uniform photos to post~,,




I like searching for new improvements every time I wear a new uniform.




This time, a certain area of the uniform has a connection to the seniors’~~




Did you notice???







ーーー Mamoribito ーーー




The MV for the third-gen song, “Mamoribito” was released on October 6th (Friday) 22:00!




Kojima Nagisa has been selected as the center.




The lyrics are wonderful, so please watch it!




I’ll write about it in more detail next time!







ーーー IDOL AND READ-san ーーー








My favorites~!!!




I like the dress and the color of the jacket in the second photo, I mix-and-matched them from different sets of outfits~



After picking only my favorite things, I created the best outfit~ 🤭





I really wanted everyone to see it first,
So I almost made it the first pic for the blog,,






ーーー Sakurazaka46 Kochira Yurakusho Hoshizora Housoukyoku ーーー




The KochiHoshi episode with Inoue-san and Me will be broadcasted
Tomorrow, October 8th (Sunday) 23:00!








I’ve been waiting impatiently for my turn~




I had soooo much fun, so please listen~



You can also listen to it through radiko!








It’s gotten cold suddenly, huh~,,,



I’ve only been wearing short sleeves and short pants and using a towel blanket for sleeping, but I’ve started wearing long sleeves recently~~



It’ll get even colder from now on, right~


Please stay warm when you sleep!






It’s almost the season for hotpots, so I’m excited 🤭🤭🤭



What kind of hotpot do you like~~??



For me, hotpots with mizutaki broth or soy milk broth~~
[T/N: Mizutaki: only using water as broth without seasoning, sometimes only with dashi stock]


I’ve never really eaten other kinds of hotpot before though~




Please tell me your recommendations~!


#愛季に知らせたいこと (#WhatIWantToTellAiri)


I’ll be waiting for your posts thereー












It’s almost time for good boys and girls to go to bed~~!





For the people who don’t want to sleep yet, listen to bonfire sounds and sleep~~




Just by watching and listening to bonfire videos, it seems like your body will enter relaxation mode~!







Good night 😪😪










See you 👋🏻👋🏻

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