It’s Airi’s 32nd blog~~ 🥮🎸🥺 (2023.10.30)






Thank you for opening my blog





I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡










It’s the 32nd blog from Airi, who was happy because she got to eat dorayaki the other day~~







Dorayaki is nice, isn’t it,,





By the way, I’m on team whole red bean paste~





Though I like smooth red bean paste too~





Well, in the end, I like anything with red bean paste~






I searched for a dorayaki emoji but there wasn’t any~,,,




So I used something that looks similar instead~
[T/N: The mooncake emoji in the title]




What kind of sweets is that????








I wanted to update my blog yesterday, but I couldn’t,,,


I’m frustrated,,,



This is tsun Airi from my individual PV




It was my first time playing the electric guitar, it was interesting because it’s different from the acoustic guitar~!




ーーー Shinsekai ーーー



“Shinsekai” has ended yesterday~ 🥲



Thank you for the past three months!




Did you enjoy it~?





For the people that couldn’t come,
Or people who want to see it once more,
There will be a stream with audio commentary, so please check it out~!







Also, yesterday
I appeared on Venue101-san~!



How was it~??



With Hono-sanー!



She always tells me “Good work for the Shinzanmono practice~”!



So kind,,,



Every time I see her, she always has such a kind and gentle look on her eyes 🥺








Come to think of it, on the video that was uploaded to Sakurazaka’s official X yesterday,


Ten-san and Hono-san played a prank on me~!


I only noticed it after,,,




I’m sulking




Is what I wanted to say, but if it’s Ten-san and Hono-san, I’m happy~ 🤭🤭






I will have a solo interview feature on BUBKA December issue
Which will be released tomorrow (October 31st)!

Be sure to check it out~!







Everyone, have you read Shizuki (Yamashita Shizuki)’s blog~?



I have~



I feel the same as Shizuki~



All the third gens will do our best~!! 💪💪





It was so good that my eyes almost popped out of my head,,,,








That’s all for today!



I’ll do another QnA corner in a little while~!





Airi is a good girl, so I’m going to sleep now 😪



Everyone, please go to bed early~



Good night





See you 👋👋

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