Spinning and twinkling (2023.10.25)




Good evening. This is Yuuzu.



How are you?! I’m doing well!










Thank you very much for the October 22nd meet & greet 🤍


For the people who came before, long time no see~
As usual, I had a leisurely chat with everyone. I’m glad that we became closer to each other. I received a lot of “congratulations” and “thank you” messages, but it was all because of you. You’re welcome, and thank youー!! I’ll do my bestー!


For the people who came for the first time, it was nice to meet you~
Thank you for telling me the reason you came. Some made me go “Huh!? Because of that!?” like “Because I listened to Kochihoshi” and “Because I liked your face when you were reacting.” Yuuzu meet & greet was fun just like the rumors said, right ^_^ Please continue supporting me
[T/N: The “I liked your face when you were reacting” is referring to the little video boxes on TV shows showing someone’s reaction to whatever they’re showing]



Thank you as well for reporting that you wrote me letters ✉️

I went to check almost every day… But seems like they haven’t arrived yetー

Until I receive the new letters, I will cheer myself up by re-reading the old letters ☺



Meet & greet really is funー Can’t wait for the next oneー

I’m always grateful to everyone. I hope my gratitude can be conveyed to everyone through the promotional activities. 








Thank you very much for watching “Utacon” on October 24th 🤍


We got to do a collaboration with Ishikawa Hitomi-san. Her gentle smile left a strong impression on me. 

“Machibuse” is such a wonderful song, isn’t it…☺️ !!

It’s an honor to be performing together with her.

Thank you very much!








Please keep an eye on the ever-evolving “Shoninyokkyu” performances ☺
I was nervous, but it was fun, but I was nervous, but it was so fun! My heart rate was off-the-charts… But it was fun! I got it done today! Let’s get this done tomorrow! It was like that.






I will appear at the “Miyazaki Nostal Concert” in Miyazaki tomorrow, October 26th. 🌺
I’ll do my best~!









🐰TBS “Love it!” 8AM~
I will be appearing as a part of the Monday Love it! family.

I will bring you energy from the start of the week, so be sure to watch~!

You can also watch it on TVer if you miss it, so please check it out, thank you.










This is Yuuzu who was like “Huh, halloween? ……? Uh, ah, halloween!!!! That’s right!” after seeing everyone on meet & greet and panickedly asked the hairstylist to make cat ears

The 7th round of application for the online meet & greet is

Today, October 25th (Wednesday) 14:00 ~ until tomorrow, October 26th (Thursday) 14:00

Let’s have a fun chat full of smiles with me ♪ I’ll be waiting~











My dog back home at Fukuoka turned six U^ェ^U happy birthday~ I miss you~




Wishing you a happy day tomorrow 🌻


See you, good night


From Yuuzu

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