It’s Airi’s 36th blog~~ 🌼✉️🐱 (2023.11.07)





Thank you for opening my blog





I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡










It’s the 36th blog from Airi, who just figured out how to use the user dictionary? feature recently~~










By the way, I made an entry for “Airi’s nth blog~~” ☺️









It comes out right away when I type “do” 🤭
[T/N: The Japanese text starts with “do”]





I got lots of flowers in my hair~! 🌸🌼




ーーー Shinzanmono ーーー





Thank you for coming to the first day of Shinzanmono!





The distance to the audience was closer than I thought, so I was surprised~





I was happy because I could meet everyone’s eyes a lot~






Right now, there is a free group talk campaign limited to performance days in our message app!




It’s realllllly lively, and I think you could witness the usual atmosphere of the 3rd gens ☺️




Please feel free to check it out!!






Also, also,




Tomorrow is our second Shinzanmono performance!








My heart is pounding






I’ll do my best so that I can show you how I grow through each performance 💪💪





Our really really cute youngest member








Eat lots so you can grow biggーー









I couldn’t decide what tag to use for my mobame, but,






Please use that tagーー!










ーーー Meet & Greet ーーー






Thank you for the meet & greet on November 4th!




Because we have 6 slots per day now, we could talk a lot, it’s nice~~







Found a kitty 🐱



I love Yuーーーー










That’s all for today!




I’ll do my best for tomorrowー!








See you 👋👋

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