AAA (2023.12.15)



Seeing how sparkling the streets of Philippines look,
with Christmas decorations placed here and there
Really cheered me up 🎄🌟


The temperature right now is different from Japan
It’s very warm,
And I think I was able
To experience Christmas in a new way
Which made me so happy~~ ٩( ‘ω’ )و




Once again, thank you very much for

2023 Asia Artist Awards IN THE PHILIPPINES 🏆💫



Sakurazaka46 has won
・ Popularity Award
・ Best Musician Award.




To everyone who has always supported us,
And especially
To all the Buddies
Who have walked together with us
On the path we are taking
And pushes us strongly and gently.

Truly, truly, truly
Thank you very much.





The sight that we were able to see thanks to you,
The feelings and the new world that we encountered,
It was such a very big experience for us.



Being able to watch the performances of world-class artists in front of me was very inspiring,
I genuinely had sooooooooooo much fun ☺️




It’s difficult to put it into words…


I felt that the width of our path and
our vision for the future had greatly expanded.


I feel excited to think about how
Such a world exists,
And how there are still other worlds
That we don’t know about out there.



Ahhhh~~~ It’s so fun, it seems so fun!!!! lol



I feel very moved to have been able to
Experience that moment in person.



The world is so vast!!! It’s so big!!




Thank you very much
For the truly valuable experience.



And I think that
There were many people
Who saw Sakurazaka46 for the first time,
And I was so happy with how
Truly warmly they welcomed us…



I wonder if
Shoninyokkyu’s performance
Has become a performance that is uniquely ours…? (^.^)


I hope that we could leave an impression
On as many people as possible.




I will do my best
So that you could see
A more improved version of Sakurazaka46 in the future🌸☺️




Truly thank you very much
To everyone who has come to the venue,
To everyone who has watched from the stream,
And to everyone who waited for the news update!




And today there is a repeat stream
for anniversary live day 2from 8pm JST 🎂‪‪☺︎‬



It sure was so much funn.

It seems that you can still buy the stream ticket until 8 pm JST 🎫
So if you are interested, please do get it~ ( ◜◡◝ )


See ya!
Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono

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