It’s Summer!! Isn’t it?!! Matono Mio (2023.07.23)



Hello everyone 🌸


I am Matono Mio 🍰 (←I’m in the mood for cake, so I put a cake there) 



What do you all want to eat right now? 


I’ll make it for you~ is something that I wanted to say, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t cook, so please buy it from the convenience store. 






we were able to participate in 



We, the 3rd gens, performed Natsu no Chikamichi. Airi and I danced Dead end with the seniors too. 


As I thought, when dancing Natsu no Chikamichi, my eyes met with other members’ several times during the performance, and in those moments I could truly feel that I am having fun. 




In Dead end, I performed in Seki Yumiko-san’s position which is originally held by Harada Aoi-san.

From always watching our seniors, I can feel that there are a lot of things that we have a long ways to go yet to reach their level

So I was really anxious when I joined and danced with them being at the level I’m at now

I am still far behind my seniors, but I’m so grateful to be able to stand on the same stage with them like this.


It was my first time doing an outdoor live and I was nervous, but since everyone was hyping things up, I forgot about my nervousness and the heat and could enjoy dancing!




It was hot during the festival, but it was super fun! 

With that, I feel like I have grown a bit. 


To everyone who came to the venue, thank you for enduring the really hot weather! 

I hope that you had fun. 









( ◜ ͜ ◝ )



The other day, I went to eat sushi with Nagi and Itoha~ 

It was deliciousー!! 

All my plates were salmon 🍣 




Just a little bit more, I am looking forward to meeting everyone in meet & greet 🎶

I reallllllyyyyy can’t waiiiiit to meet youuu ーーー 


I felt like July just started the other day but it’s already ending~ 




If I say it like that, it feels like summer will be over before we know it! 


I am not good with summer heat but I like the summer scenery and events. 


Fireworks displays, a summer tradition 🎆

It’s a great way to hype up summer 🌛


The stalls at summer festivals are filled with delicious food and souvenirs 

I had lots of fun doing draw lots with the limited amount of money that I had~





Seeing the summer scenery and traditions soothes my heart 



It’s been so hot outside recently that I’ve been borrowing an electric fan from Airi. 

I want to buy one soon

The thing I want the most right now: Mini electric fan 




This week, I started rewatching Kuroko no Basket from episode 1. 

But I am already in the 3rd season with just a few more episodes to go 😃 



It’s been a long time since I first discovered Kuroko no Basket when I was younger. 


Who do you think I like in Kuroko no Basket? 😏










Q. If you had a time machine, where would you go? Past or Future? 

A. Things wouldn’t be exciting anymore if I knew the future, so I guess the past! 

I want to know the past of the people around me 



Q. What is Mio-chan’s specialty dish?! 

A. Hmmm 

I don’t have a specialty dish!! 
But, I will definitely find one dish that will be my specialty 👀

Please wait for it 😊 


The other day, Rika-nee cooked for me! ! 

It was delicious, it was so good that if this was sold in stores, I would definitely buy it,, 

Thank you 💓 Please make it againー!! 



Q. Do you have other nicknames aside from “Mio-chan”? 

A. When I was in Fukuoka, 

Most of my friends calls me “Mioma” from 

Matono Mio ▶︎ Mio Matono ▶︎ Mio Ma

It was my Japanese teacher who first called me “Mio Matano” in an English way 

(To be honest, I thought it was English when it’s still Japanese. Don’t mind me)






August 7 (Monday)
Sakurazaka 3rd gens will be appearing in


We will not waste this opportunity to let many people attending the event know about us, we will all do our best to make it a good one! 






Thank you for reading until here 🍜




Till the next one〜 

I wish everyone to always be happyー!   


Tomorrow is Itoha! 
Look forward to it ᕷ 






Stay with me always 

(It was so bright) 




See ya!! 



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