GIGA (2023.07.24)

Good evening 🐙




GIGA (2023.07.24)


Thank you so much 🙂



I hadn’t been in my hometown of Osaka for some time,
since the closing of the tour.

It makes me happy being able to
return to Osaka for work again.



The sun was strong and it was very hot,
I was also worried about the Buddies’ physical condition,
thank you so much for livening things up
all the way from “Overture” 🌊‪‪☺︎


It was really fun and
I was also able to see everyone very well~



I’m looking forward to
the day we can meet again ☺️





🗓 On Sunday July 30th, from 22:00
“Ariyoshi eeeee!”

I will make an appearance in the TV show.
This time will be my first time playing Fortnite! 🎮


The results when a complete beginner
studies and practices…😳
How it goes in the actual battle!?

Please take a look by all means.





Well then, I will write again



See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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