It’s the 15th Airi blog~~ ☀ ️🥚 🍅 (2023.08.12)






Thank you for opening my blog!




I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡






It’s the 15th blog from Airi, who brought too many bananas to our lessons and got told by the members, “You’re eating them again”~~





Long time no see!



Have you been doing well~??





As Riko (Endo Riko) wrote in her blog, I’ve been bringing bananas to our lessons recently!


Whenever I’m eating the bananas, Shii (Yamashita Shizuki) would often ask me, “Do you want to become a minion that bad?”


I always answer “That’s not it~!” but I was actually thinking “I hope I can become more like minions even if just a little bit~” inside.




The phenomenon of liking the things that our favorite characters like often happens, right?



I wonder why? 🤔








I’m continuing from Nagi (Kojima Nagisa), and as you can see from her blog, I always write the name of the animals I draw!



If I drew a dog, I would write “dog”, and if I drew a cat, I would write “cat”, so that makes it easy to understand, right?!



You can also know who drew the animals, so I hope if you see them somewhere you’ll notice that it’s my drawing!









Today, I appeared in ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2023~!



In addition to Natsu no Chikamichi, I performed Dead end in Kobayashi-san’s position.



I was worried that it would be raining because of the typhoon, but I was relieved when I saw the beautiful blue sky as soon as I woke up ☺️



Thank you to everyone who came to watch!



It was so fun because of your loud cheers!


I feel like I could see everyone better than before?




Please stay hydrated and cool your body off~







We wore a new outfit, and it was my first time doing a different hairstyle for a performance!

It was styled in a half-up style~


The sunlight was so dazzling outside,, ☀️








The third gens appeared on IDOL RUNWAY COLLECTION Supported by TGC which was held on August 7th (Monday)~!



We heard loud cheers since the overture started, I was so happy that I couldn’t contain it



It was the first time for the third gens to be appearing in an event just by ourselves, the feelings of nervousness and excitement were battling inside me




I got my back hit by Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki) and Nagi (Kojima Nagisa) before it started, so I was able to step up to the stage thinking, “Yosh! I’ll do my bestー!”




Were we able to show off our charms~~?




We got to come close to everyone in the middle of the songs, I was really happy to be able to make eye contact with everyone!




Thank you very much to everyone who came and watched the broadcast.





(Truthfully, it was too hectic when we were preparing to go home, and I forgot my phone,,,


But it was fine because I barely made it in time,,



I made a promise in my heart that next time I’ll attach it to something like a strap that can hang from my neck!,,,)






ーーー Meet&Greet ーーー



The meet greet on August 6th was the last individual one~ 🥲



Starting with that date, we’re now allowed to try lots of different hairstyles, so I tried out as many as I could~




This was my hairstyle for the fifth block~


I think it’s my first time doing twintails since the sports episode for Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?


That day, Ten-san happened to have the same hairstyle~ 💕








Tomorrow (August 13th) is the real meet & greet!



I’m so excited ☺️



I’m paired with Riko (Endo Riko)!



Please write the name you want to be called with on a nametag!!



I’ll be waiting!



For the people that couldn’t come this time, let’s meet if there’s another real meet & greet!


I’ll do my best talking to you 🙇‍♀️



ーーー Something that made me happy ーーー



There will be a collaboration of “HUNTER × HUNTER” and “Start over!” for Weekly Shonen Jump’s “Jump MV”~~!



Oh my,,,


I’m super happy~~ ☺️☺️


Can’t wait to watch it,,,



It will be premiered on Jump Channel on Youtube on August 13th (Sunday) 20:00!!



So excited




ーーー QnA corner ーーー




○ What do you do to calm yourself down when you’re nervous?




Before performances, I would ask someone to hit my back, or I’ll hit my own chest strongly!




The impact of the hit makes me feel like I’m going to fly away and it calms me down~



The trick is to do it as hard as you can!



What do you do to calm yourself down?





○ Are you able to cook now?















I believe that I can do it if I want to!





By the way, something that I cooked recently was boiled egg~~ 🥚
[T/N: Reference to the 3rd gen docu ep. 3]



I boil it in the microwave!





○ Something that you always bring to lessons?




Pen, notebook, and shoes are must-brings!



For foods, I guess it’s bananas and plums~~




Do you also have must-bring items whenever you go out?






Airi-san who looks a little bit more mature in the Young Jump shoot


I was happy that so many people told me that they liked this look~!






That’s all for now!!



Thanks for reading~!



There were so many things I wanted to write, I couldn’t decide,,


I’ll be waiting for your responses with the #愛季に知らせたいこと (#WhatIWantToTellAiri) hashtag! 



Let’s do our best to overcome the heat and humidity~


They said eating summer vegetables can help lower your body temperature! 🍅 🥒


Let’s eat them a lot~





Tomorrow is Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki)!



I also got my back hit by Yuzu for today’s ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2023 before we performed Natsu no Chikamichi~



Thx again 💕




Look forward to Yuzu’s blog~~









See you 👋🏻👋🏻

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