Keyakizaka46 (2020.10.13)

Good evening, everyone
Sorry for the late night update
This will be my last Keyakizaka blog.
I’d be happy if you could read it until the end.

Keyakizaka46’s last live just successfully ended.
Thank you to everyone who watched it.
Truly, thank you for your continued support

Every time I see the word “LAST LIVE”
I gradually realized that this live performance will truly be our last as Keyaki

“Keyakizaka46’s Habu Mizuho”

I’ve said this greeting for countless times over the past five years.
It was such an important group name, so much that perhaps my family name is “Keyakizaka46” and my last name is “Habu Mizuho”

But where there is an encounter, there will be a farewell
It’s not just fun,
I also overcome all the sad and frustrating things.
At times, there were moments where tears overflowed and I couldn’t be myself. But when I overcome all the various emotions, I was able to be someone who sometimes is proud of herself.

For me,
“Keyakizaka46” was a place that taught me who I am.

Speaking of which, our truly last performance as Keyaki
in NHK’s “SONGS” that airs from 11PM JST on 17th.
From the staffs who we are always indebted to,
we received a wonderful message.
I would be happy if you could watch it until the end.

Our crown show, “Keyaki tte, Kakenai?” too,
will also be reborn as a new show next week.
I’d be happy if you could look forward to the new show name

Finally, the time has come for us to turn the corner in Keyakizaka.

There lies “Sakurazaka”. Us who are taking that name person by person.
What kind of sakura will bloom on one trunk?
I hope that you
could continue to watch over us for a long time.
And please look forward to “Sakurazaka46”.
It’s not the end, it’s the beginning.
We look forward to your continued support of Sakurazaka46

I truly, truly love the members and all the fans,
as well as the staffs that are involved with us.
I have to keep returning the favor from now on.

And this time, there are 2 members who are having their birthdays.
On the 1st day was Akiho-chan. And on 2nd day it was Matsurina.
The two of them are always funny and cute, I love them.
I’m glad we could celebrate it together, truly, congratulations.

And last, Shiichan

She always kindly laugh at my stories, the weirdo.
Shiichan who gave me a lot of encouragement.
I love the pictures Shiichan draw.
Her possibilities for the future is so endless.
I will always support you.
Thank you for your hard work. And truly, thank you very much.

Once again. Everyone,
Truly thank you for your 5 years of support for Keyakizaka46.

From now on,
We are changing to “Sakurazaka46″s oficial site

From next time, blogs will be updated here.
Let’s make a great future together.
Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you Keyakizaka46.

Sakurazaka46’s Habu Mizuho

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