Lately I can’t fall asleep even when I close my eyes until the morning (2023.06.02)



Long time no see everyone, I’m Murayama Miu





I’m terrified of the summer in full swing
Feels like I’m going to melt from the heat and disappear
Well, I’ll try to hang on just a little more
Everyone, let’s do our best together without melting









Did you enjoy the 3rd Tour 2023?
Today’s Osaka concert was the last day of the tour





The first tour for the 3rd gens
And, the first time we performed together with the seniors on stage
We also had the chance to challenge performing our first song





It was a period where we got to experience a lot of    firsts





At first I kept relying on Yuzuki-chan and Nagi for the MC, I could only watch them from afar
But as the concerts went on, everyone has become able to express their opinions, so I felt our growth even if just by a little
The things we talked about such as the hero pose and who’s in charge of what, we decided that after everyone gave their opinions
Backstage, we made sure over and over to “Do the pose after the countdown” and decided the angles of the poses so we wouldn’t overlap with each other


And, I think everyone was surprised by 3rd gen’s Dead end     I thought I was dreaming too when I first heard of it
I’m sure you have various opinions about it, so I want to take it all in and keep that in mind for the future





I also want to convey my   gratitude   for everyone

Thank you very much   for watching over us warmly on all of the performances
Thank you very much   to everyone who sent congratulatory flowers, I saw them all   I will make sure to thank you all again
Thank you very much   for supporting me with the penlights and towels, I hope we can get closer from now on by experiencing various sceneries and feelings together







Throughout the tour, I thought over and over again that Sakurazaka is
A wonderful group which is strong, beautiful and resilient   Who has humility, kindness, and bonds




Uemura-san who is always there for us 3rd gens
Koike-san who was the first one to ask me for my contact info
Kobayashi-san who became our role model and someone we admire
Saito-san who said that she wants to get closer with us
Habu-san who is kind in her actions, expression, words, and in the way she speaks
Inoue-san who will come close to me while saying “Found youー”
Endo-san who will immediately come next to me if I’m alone
Ozono-san who smiled and said that she will listen to my stories
Onuma-san who is always there every time I do self-practice
Kousaka-san who will come close to me and hold my hand
Takemoto-san who was there for us when we cried
Tamura-san who always tell us positive things with a smile
Karin-san who said that I can be who I am
Masumoto-san who dotes on us like younger sisters
Matsuda-san who listened to me for almost two hours
Morita-san who tapped our shoulders while saying “You can do it” and gave us courage
Moriya-san who brightens up the mood just by being there
Ten-san who talks to us from a close perspective

And Seki-san who graduated on the Fukuoka concert
Seki-san is the first senior who called me “Miu”   She helped create an environment where we feel like we belong so we could do our activities comfortably and was always there for us when we felt down





Every day I feel how wonderful Sakurazaka is
You might retort with “That’s a given!”, but I was so happy that I got to be a junior of these wonderful seniors so I wanted to write that
I’m also happy that I got to meet everyone, thank you very much for all your support and love









The tour is over, but,
The 6th single “Start over!”
Will be released on June 28th





I’m looking forward to the Meet & Greet
I will be waiting for everyone who came before and first timers tooーー Let’s talk





I can’t talk at all when I’m with a lot of people,
But for Meet & Greet, I really laugh a lot and it’s fun talking with everyone
The night before, I’d choose my outfit while being excited
I’m thinking of trying a lot of hairstyles for the next Meet & Greets
I’m going to buy cute clothes to wear while talking to everyoneー



I will be waiting







Random talk

(Random talk after a long timeーーー)





Right now Yu is next to me,
When I look to the side and our eyes meet, I’d find it funny and laugh, and Yu would laugh too, then somehow we’d push each other with our elbows
We pushed each other while saying “What is it? What is it?”
I often think that Yu is a strange oneー



Manager-san was going to buy dinner and they asked us if udon or salad is better
Shizuki said “I was just feeling like eating udon” and she took out grated radish with ponzu sauce from her bag
This one is strange tooー
I wonder if she always carries that in her bag, so funny





Talking about those two made me remember something
Did you listen to our Sakumimi?
My voice was so low that I unconsciously took off my earphones
Both Shizuki and Yu have cute voices, so it was too much

For anyone who hasn’t listened to it, please listen
The difference in our tone of voice is funny

I don’t feel the difference when talking to Mio though
When we were recording, I’ve had people tell me they can’t tell whose voice was whose









This is quite sudden, but I like Rika’s singing voice
During our final audition, I heard Rika’s singing from outside the door and I was mesmerized
When I listen to her singing like on recordings and voice trainings, it’d remind me of the audition and it feels like something touched my heart
Rika shines the brightest when she is singing, and she looks like she’s having the most fun
I want to see her singing while playing an instrument someday





I was wondering if I should write stories about everyone from the 3rd gen, but it would be too long,
So maybe I’ll do it some other time

There is quite a lot, so please wait because I will write about it ^^




Random talks are easy to write after all, huh
I wrote it so smoothly









Tomorrow is Yamashita Shizuki’s turn
Look forward to it




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