Light blue (2022.05.19)

Good afternoon~




Risa-san’s graduation concert
is finally approaching the day after tomorrow.


It’s any moment now…





I’m excited.
I have all kinds of mixed feelings,
but above all I hope we can enjoy it..




I want to cherish this moment.




Light blue (2022.05.19)
















In order for everyone to enjoy it,
I will do my best together with the members 🌸









And then, and then.



Something I’ve been talking about from time to time…






I will go back to the


“Pastel blue x pastel blue”



Penlight color.






Originally it was light blue but,


after becoming Sakurazaka,
the number of penlight colors decreased,
and because there was some overlapping with the members,
I made it passion pink…




Now I have the chance to change it to light blue,
I’ve been very troubled about it,
it’s a color I love after all,
when I thought about what’s the color of my own image,
I reached the point where
I decided to change the color.





From now on,
it would make me happy if
you can illuminate with “Pastel Blue” ☺︎



The lightest light blue, it is! 🐬





It’s returning to the starting point.



I’m home~
From now on, please continue to take care of me~
Looking forward to working together~~


It kind of feels like that.








Since Sakurazaka times,
I am indebted to
the passion pink color.


This color was clearly easy to find from the stage,
it is one of my favorite colors too and
I have some emotional attachment to it as well…


Since I like pink too,
it made me very happy to be illuminated by this color.
Thank you ☺️






Perhaps doing this change
might cause a lot of trouble…



So I’m sorry about that ( . . )



I look forward to your support.







From penlights, towels,
to handmade items and more,
I have the feeling I will spot all of them! 😼






For those who are unable to come to the concert venue,
there’s going to be broadcast, so please watch it by all means.





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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