Lighstick (2022.05.16)

Hello, everyone


I’m Sakurazaka46’s Morita Hikaru 🌱










Risa-san’s graduation corner is just around the corner, isn’t it!


It’s finally on this weekend…


I’d like to make it a good concert
so that both Risa-san and all of you
could have a great time πŸ™‚



I will be doing my best at rehearsal together with everyone until the show!








In “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?” yesterday
a location shoot to celebrate Risa-san’s graduation
was broadcasted~


I don’t really get the chance to convey
my feeling of gratitude to her directly
so I was happy about it.



Next episode will deliver the latter half of it, so by all means, please give it a look 🌸










Speaking of which, her graduation memorial book
“Dakishimetakunaru Shunkan” will be on sale tomorrow~


I can’t wait to see it too ^ ^


Look forward to it!
























And, an announcement!





Until now, I didn’t have a fixed lightstick color…


Since I received many request to decide,
I settled in one after
thinking over it many times!




I decided to make it red x blue! πŸ”΄πŸ”΅









One of the reasons is that when you mix these colors together,
you’ll get the color purple that I like. Then personally
I like to see these colors during the show, it’s memorable for me,
so I have chosen them…



But, every color is beautiful and raises my spirit,
Above all else,
please freely pick the color you like for use at any time ^ ^




Thank you very much!














It’s short, but that is for today.


Thank you very much for reading until the end!











The end🌱




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