GirlsAward (2022.05.16)

Good afternoon~



Thank so much for GirlsAward ☺︎


When I looked around
it was sparkling everywhere
it was radiant~~





This time,
I had the opportunity to appear
in the stage of “Samantha Thavasa”





GirlsAward (2022.05.16)





I was allowed to walk
together with Renaa-chan


It was very reassuring~ 🥺
Thank you






I really liked the grown-up but girlish feel
of the “Samantha Thavasa” brand,
so I was happy~



The make up was also glittering,
wearing different hairstyle and make-up from usual
put me in a very happy mood.




The outfit I wore and also the bag,
everything was cute…



If it’s okay with you, let’s wear matching outfits (^.^)










And surprisingly,
Habu-san was also in the same stage as us!
It was extremely reassuring.








She was the first person to appear,
she was so cool..


Until the very last moment,
I was watching her all the time from the backstage ( . . )













After it finished, the two of us
talked about how much fun it was~ ☺︎










It was my first appearance in a runway, so I was nervous but


from the stage, I was able to see lots of
boards, uchiwa fans and penlights


that made me extremely happy, it was reassuring…




I was also able to
spot many people communicating
“I will go to the Meet & Greet!” to us ~~




It impressed me very much and
it also gave me lots of power, so thank you ☺️





And also for all of those who
watched closely from far away through the broadcast
Thank you so much!




I am grateful for this valuable experience.





And also ModelPress
who I am so indebted to,


I had the opportunity of being interviewed by them,
and they also took some shots of my sort of cool expression,
so if you’d like, please take a look 😶‍🌫️







Ah, and also.
I met with Kon-chan for the first time in a while!


I was so happy~~~


I would love to meet again with all
the members from Azatoi.




Hee Hee




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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