Eggs (2022.05.15)


I’m Moriya Rena🍒

Lately, I’ve been collecting plates every so often..

I’m still a beginner at cooking but

If I served cooking like this on lovely plates

then would it look delicious too??

While imagining it

I have a fun time looking at tableware

If I find a plate that looks just right

I’ll take it home with me☺︎

So, I decided to try and make a rolled omelette right now.

However, it was surprisingly difficult and I struggled with it.

It’s still not in a shape that’s fit to show you, haha

I want to challenge it again next time and post it on my blog〜

I’ll do my best🥚🥚

A tasteful plate

Thank you very much for watching the mini live stream the other day✨

We got to perform the 4th single, but also
This time there were songs that were unveiled for the first time, did you like them??

This time, the choreography for “Seifuku no Ningyo”
was arranged for us by Miu Ide-san!

The choreography for “Danzetsu”
was arranged for us by s**t kingz’s shoji-san!!

No matter which song it is, I’d like to polish my performance more and more 😌


💎🦢 Announcement 🦢💎

TBS “Sakagami and Sashihara’s Unbreakable Shop”

Today, 15th May, 18:30〜

On LIFE Supermarket’s slot
I’ve been invited to appear 🍀

About the behind the scenes of supermarkets which we rarely get to know
I learned a lot of things!!

I would be really happy if you watched it🍱

See ya〜


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