Matsudaira-san (2021.03.15)



A member, Matsudaira Riko-san, has graduated






would send voice message(s) and picture(s) of ramen in the middle of the night


She would suddenly came to my place, thickly spread beauty lotion on my face and then just goes home


She would invite me to play games late at night, and wouldn’t let me quit



She would threaten me with, “I’ll tear off your braces”




She was somewhat an amazing person😁


The two of us nicely closed our eyes (in this picture) 😑




I also found many, many kind sides of her~


She’s truly a warm person who would casually snuggle up to you











Matsudaira-san talked about how she cried, the seniors took her hand and saved her,

But when I cried, when I feel troubled, Matsudaira-san was the first to took my hand





Though it hurt a little 😬




Daira-san who looks bold, but careful and delicate


I think that a good path is surely waiting for her
I want her to be happy


Truly thank you very much 🌳





Masumoto Kira (Kirako)


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