Music video (2020.12.03)

Hello everyone,

I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation🌱 

A few days ago, the music video for “Buddies” was officially released!


It was really sunny during filming this time, 

So it felt really nice since it matched the song~

This is the first time we were able to film with a drone, but seeing the final product really surprised me (°°)

It was absolutely magnificent..



Because of that, the camera-man-san had a lot to figure out and plan for us. They worked really hard for us..

We thought: “We’ve got to do our part too!” 

Thank you very much…

For this music video, we had both solo and pair scenes, but we were allowed to move however we wanted to, so I feel that this music video is packed with each of our individual personalities ( ´`)

I filmed on-top of a roof~

Also, the outfit we had this time was a little bit out of the ordinary and we had 3 types to choose from-!

Our outfits are always created down to the finest detail for us. I’m really happy to be able to wear these outfits.

The outfits from the other 2 music videos are also extremely lovely…

Thank you for your time amongst your busy schedule.

Ah! Also, I always change my hairstyle for each of these music videos, so for “Buddies” I did a half-up~



For this song, there were scenes where we all laughed and danced together, it was a really happy feeling.
If you can feel those same feeling while watching the music video, I would be really delighted. 
Moving on!
With this, all of the music videos filmed for “Nobody’s fault” have been made officially released!
Each one of them have been packed full with our feelings.
They all have their own respective colors and charms, so it would be good if you could enjoy each one of them!
Your support would be appreciated!

I’m going to be changing the conversation,
On November 25th, I was given the opportunity to appear on “Baguette” and “Hirunandesu!”
Thank you very much!
Both of them were live broadcasts, so I was really nervous the entire time…

Though, I was with Risa-san the entire time, so it was really reassuring…

On “Hirunandesu!” I was given the chance to try a food report~
I was given “Appetite”-san’s double-sided fried yakisoba and it was extremely delicious.

Also, Risa-san’s “Eggplantilicious!” was really cute~ 
Moving on, I’ve thought about going to visit Itabashi City~
I also want to meet the yuru-chara (mascot character) Rinrin-chan 🌿
Thank you very much!
At night, Sakurazaka46 was given the opportunity to appear on “Best Artist.”
It was our first ever music program appearance as Sakurazaka46.
Furthermore, it was also our first time being able to perform “Nobody’s fault” on TV.
To those of you who tuned in, thank you very much!
During the talk segment, we were given the chance to introduce our new Sakura pose, though I feel that we should re-introduce and explain the pose next time we get the chance.
TAKAHIRO-sensei put a lot of thought and was really particular about the making of this pose.
We’ll be sure to try to add it into the middle of a song, so if you would all please also do the pose..
Moving on, thank you very much to those who attended the meet-and-greet a few days ago on November 28th and 29th!
There was a lot to catch up on, but being able to talk to all of you after a long while made me really happy.
I got a lot of energy from it..
There’s also meet-and-greet this month on the 13th and 20th , so I’m looking forward to it.
Let’s talk about a lot of things~~
I’ll be waiting!

Santa~ (The 3 田s!)

Well then, that’s all for today.
Thank you very much for reading until the very end!
The end🌱


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