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Everyone, KonNagi~
Kojima Nagisa here.





Today I couldn’t stand the strong sunshine out there, so I am just hiding at home.



Really, it is a must to have a fan and water!
Speaking of which, I wonder if some of you will be having summer vacation soon??

Let’s keep on doing our best, while being careful not to get exhausted 💪🏻





Today I will be writing bit by bit about things that happened recently!



The sorcerer(?) that appears in the “Sumikko Gurashi The Movie” looks like Miu (Murayama Miu), it’s lovely. Well, it just kind of looks like her. The movie happened to appear in the list of recommended videos for me.



Miu and I are like masseuses to each other since we are always massaging each other’s shoulders.



We both squealing while massaging each other.



By the way, Yu (Murai Yu) is bad at massaging since she doesn’t have that much strength, and she’s also scared of being massaged. That’s cute.



The three of us are trying to stay healthy throughout our lives, hehehe



🌷Hashtag for the Blog🌷
Some fans told me that I should decide on it, so I was thinking about several options~…
but I ended up deciding with this!






KonNagiBlog is also nice, but I guess this one is easier to recognize, so I basically chose the one that most of you have used ☺︎



Let me know your thoughts about it~!!






🍰Birthday Cake🍰

The other day, I celebrated my birthday together with Habu-san and Morita-san!



I also got a tart from Uemura-san and Itoha.



It’s been a while since I ate cake. The fruits were nice for sure, but I was so surprised of the tart itself. It was really delicious.



In my family, we only eat cake on someone’s birthday. I’m happy to be able to eat it again after a long time.



By the way, it was strawberry and peach flavored.


Coincidentally, those rank #1 and #2 among my favorite fruits




It was really delicious!!
Now I really want to eat another cake,,




🌷Regarding the Story About Taking MBTI Test🌷
In my previous blog some time ago, I wrote something about my result for the test that I took back in the 1st year in high-school. I was asked to take the test again during a meet & greet, so I did



Previously : ESFJ
Current : ISTJ – a




I went from being an Extrovert to an Introvert, and went from a Feeling (Emotional) type to a Thinking type



When I told the other 3rd gens that I’m an introvert, they went like “No way!!” hihih



I feel like they were kind of overreacting over it, hahah



However, when I read the explanation, it seems like I am very close to being an extrovert.



Also, it looks like my personality is not suitable for an idol,,,
It was quite a shock.



I do understand that the examination result is not everything, but things like fortune-telling and psychology tests kind of make you overthink about them, right!?



That said, I kept all the things in my mind, be it those that matched or didn’t match with me, and I will continue my life without being bothered by them.






🌷About “Ichi-go Ichi-e”🌷
Back a while, together with Mio (Matono Mio) and Airi (Taniguchi Airi), we talked about things that we were into in the past. Do you know about “Ichi-go Ichi-e”?



When I was a kid, I had a sticker book in which I pasted collection of stickers.



I wonder if it still exist somewhere~?



Back then, maybe when I was in kindergarten??, I was collecting the “Ichi-go Ichi-e” stickers that have poems written on it!



At that time, I was longing for the life of a high-school student. But then it was no time until I became one, hihihi




I had two good friends back in kindergarten, but between the 3 of us, it was only me who collected stickers. Turns out Airi and Mio also liked them ahahah



It made me happy, even for just a bit.







🌷I appeared in SakuMimi🌷
Together with Riko (Endo Riko), we started the broadcast of SakuMimi vol. 277 👶🏻


I was talking on and on with Riko!


Things that I like from Riko :
How she’s calling me Nagi-chan (both RikaRiko do that)
How she always praises people
How she sometimes can be a fretful baby

Please give it a listen, in case some of you haven’t done so!!
Also, look forward to vol. 278 👀









I am featured in ar magazine, August edition, which was released July 12th. It is in a article titled “Sakurazaka46 3rd-gen Kojima Nagisa : Her First Summer”! I had an interview about things in summer, but perhaps there will be talks about the 3rd-gens 👀




And also…!
I am featured as well in Seventeen magazine, summer edition, which was released on June 30th, in an article titled “Interview with Sakurazaka46 Kojima Nagisa”! Tamura Hono-san, Fujiyoshi Karin-san, and Morita Hikaru-san were also featured in other pages!



Please check it out, in case some of you haven’t seen them 👀



📸 Off-shot from ar magazine❤︎





Next up,
I will also be featured in Platinum FLASH vol. 23 that will be released on July 31st (Mon)!
I’ll write more about it once it is released 🪄




But wait, there’s more!



I will be appearing as a part of Sakurazaka46 3rd gens in “IDOL RUNWAY COLLECTION Supported by TGC” that will be held on August 7th (Mon). The tickets are already on sale.


On the finale of the event, “TGC Special LIVE Performance Stage” will be held, and we will perform there.


For us 3rd gens, it will be the first stage where we will show up by ourselves ever since the Omotenashikai. I thought something like this would never come again, so I was surprised but happy.


I think most of the audience would be people who have no idea about us, the 3rd gens, so we’ll do our best to deliver a memorable performance!


It will be held in Yoyogi National Stadium, 2nd Gymnasium
The period for general sales is from July 18th (Tue) 6 PM to August 6th (Sun) 11:59 PM!


↓ Please check below for details!










Everyone, Sakukoi has been released!
Have any of you played it already?



I started to play it a bit earlier than you all, but don’t you think it’s fun!!?



Of course a game should be enjoyable, but being able to see a lot of cute pictures of my seniors, hearing their voices, engaged with the story and feeling your heart throb,,,


I’ll be glad if you can take your time to play it a lot from now on, also for those who haven’t tried it yet.


But be careful not to get too infatuated with it!



That’ll be all for today!
Next up is Airi (Taniguchi Airi)!
Deriving from the nickname Yuttan (Nakashima Yuzuki), recently I’ve been calling her Airitan,,


Look forward to it!

📸 A photo that Yuttan (Nakashima Yuzuki) took a really-really long while ago


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