Polar bear’s 19th summer   Odakura Reina (2023.07.19)


Happy Wednesday.



7/11     The cicadas began to sing

I wonder which feels more free,
A summer that happens only once, or a summer that you repeat 80 times over

Just by thinking about this, I’m reminded of last summer, when I was so buried in my textbooks that I didn’t even get to hear the cicadas singing


I wish for my 19th summer
to be full of bright and shiny days.




I am Odakura Reina
18 years old, from Tokyo.


7/2 Meet & Greet
I gave twintails a try!


This reminds me, I bought an SLR camera a little while ago. I came across it in a fateful way, so I was excited to take lots of pictures  hehe

The colors I can see looking through the viewfinder make my heart flutter. It’s lovely.


I wonder what I should take pictures of~



Now then, I’d like to report to you all a shocking truth.
The travel pillow I introduced to you in my last blog, “Suyanyan,” now that I take a really really good look at its face, is actually a rabbit…… to think I’ve had it with me that often and never noticed……

Even though it’s a rabbit, please continue to call it “Suyanyan”




Soko magattara, Sakurazazka?

I came in 1st place for most points on the test we took for the academic ability episode!
I’m so happy~~!! I did it~~!!
I had written in my blog that I like math in particular, so when I found out I got a perfect score in it, I was so happy and relieved that I couldn’t help but smile

Honestly, since taking the test up until the day we recorded the episode, every day I’d regret all the mistakes I’d realized I made…… so it was a really big surprise.

Thank you so much!


I ended up losing in the buzzer quiz though…… my seniors really are amazing.

I want to be able to hit the button with more bite and explosiveness, so I’ll work hard and win next time🪄




Question Corner (from your letters)

Q .  Do you have a story that you think is unique to you?

A .  Rechargeable handheld fan
I tend to find charging it more of a pain than the actual heat, so I haven’t used it even once since the battery ran out

Maybe that?
I’m the ultimate can’t-be-bothered kind of person.


Q .  What parts of you do you like?

A .  The beauty marks on my cheek and the beauty mark below my jaw


Q .  What kind of clothes do you like?

A .  I like clothes that are frilly and very feminine too, but I also like oversized, slightly streetwear-ish clothes as well!


Q .  Does Reina-chan have anything like a habit?

A .  I have a habit of doing tsukkomi, maybe because I like comedy, and have a tendency to say “The hell you talkin’ about?”  Please don’t get mad at me for using fake kansaiben… 
[t/n: “nandeyanen,” a popular kansai dialect quip used in comedy]






7/9 Meet & Greet



Wakame stem sweets and a good mood

I’ve been making them a bit different each time


I hope those of you who will be coming to see me in the future are looking forward to it! I’m excited to see you all too~




Story about nothing

・Polar bear
Do I… kinda look like a polar bear?

I’ve been told that I really do.
Rather than a bear, I’ve been told I’m more like a polar bear because I move slow!!

B-but.. I’m fast…… I’m a fast runner…… I am..

Well even having said that, this has me in high spirits and I’m currently thinking up a polar bear character 💭


I went out to eat with Miu recently.

The two of us both separately brought back water for the whole group, and we laughed about how all the water was taking up the entire surface of the table lol
We did our best to drink through all of it 🥛

Miu and I have a lot of similarities, so
I always have a good time when I’m around her.





Summer! Short sleeves! Nice and cool!
Be careful not to get heat stroke, everyone! Please be sure hydrate and get enough salt


That’s all for this time.



I hope to be the brightest star in your heart💫
This was Odakura Reina!




Tomorrow will be Nagi’s blog!

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