Navy blue (2022.03.17)

Good morning.



Last night there was a big earthquake…


I was surprised…



And today as well,
we may end up feeling very worried, but


While we continue to prepare,
let’s take action and give priority
to ensuring our own safety first…


I wish for everyone’s safety.




Navy blue (2022.03.17)



Yesterday from the morning I was in “Love it!”
Thank you very much. ☺︎


The gift exchange party during
the opening was also very fun
it became a lovely memory 🐰🎁



I was also very happy that I was able to win the 1st place
in the ranking predictions for the first time.


I was able to get lots of
frozen “shumai” dumplings ♡





During the recording and also during the CM breaks there’s a friendly atmosphere,
always chit-chatting,
everyone gets excited with the fun conversations


It feels somehow like a school classroom,
I get the feeling that I am back to being a school student. 🏫


It is really fun. Feels like youth.



I’m happy.





As a season regular,
I will only have the opportunity to appear
a few times more…


It feels lonesome…



Thanks a lot for those
who watch it every week…


While I reflect upon this,
I want to continue enjoying this without any change until the end. 🐰







And then, starting from yesterday
I am wearing the new uniform~



A light spring-like white jacket with
a navy blue one-piece dress,


It’s packed with very meticulous details
it became a uniform with a
very lovely design. 🌟


Even when taking the jacket off, it’s lovely as well~



The official promotional solo profile photos specific to the 4th single,
have been updated, so please check them out! 🌂




During the period of this 4th single,
I will do my best to make a lot of memories
with the new uniform and the new official profile photo ( ˆ࿀ˆ )💙





Details about the 4th single “Samidare yo”
have been revealed one after another. 🌧




🌾 The first-come, first-served bonus patterns available
in the different CD shop chains ↓↓↓



🌾 Limited to Sony Music Shop
There will be a special edition CD jacket artwork,
details about the limited lottery application ↓↓↓



🌾 CD products contents ↓↓↓




This time, I will have the opportunity to participate,


“Samidare yo”
“Boku no Dilemma”
“Koi ga Zetsumetsu suru Hi”


in these songs.


I’m nervous and excited.


I hope that you can also
wait and look forward to the
songs that have not been revealed yet. ‪‪( . .)”

(It was cold and it was cute that
everyone’s shoulders were raised because of it 😮‍💨🤍)





March 17th from 6:25 PM,
I will have the opportunity to make an appearance in


the variety show “Ariyoshi no Sekai Douji Chuukei” 🌎


There was a shocking footage that is
very characteristic of a live broadcast…


I suddenly remembered about it, ☺︎ (Laughs).


Please take a look, by all means.





“Gekkan Volleyball”
Has also been released,
so, thank you for your support on this as well. 🏃










See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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