Memorial Book (2022.03.17)




Good Evening~





To those who watched yesterday’s SHOWROOM broadcast,
thank you very much☺️




I talked a lot about the graduation memorial book shoot.



I was finally, finally able to tell you
about the release of this graduation memorial book but,



I just can’t wait for you to see the photos! The dialogues too!!




I made this while thinking about things that will please everyone,
please look forward to it🕺



The release date is May 17~!






this was also announced during the SHOWROOM broadcast but,
I have opened an Instagram account!!





I will be posting carefully and care-freely,
so by all means, please take a look🌝





There are also official Twitter and Instagram accounts for the Graduation Memorial Book, please check them as well!



Twitter @risa_memorial
Instagram risa_memorial


New information will be posted in these accounts, so please give them a follow~😌





See you~


Watanabe Risa




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