Peach (2023.05.26)




Thank you very much for the
3rd Tour’s three days of performances in Kanagawa 🥟💫


Peach (2023.05.26)


Peach red bean bun 🍑‪‪🌱


So cute






The three days of performances in Kanagawa
were so much fun~.



It made me very happy to experience
the atmosphere at the venue where our sense of unity was increasing
after each performance.



I am happy thanks to the Buddies ☺️🌸


Thank you.





And this tour will finally reach the end
next week with the performances in Osaka.







I really love Sakurazaka46 concerts.




I check the video each time
after a concert has been held,
it’s something I always look forward to.

There are always moments that you can’t miss!




Because the way each of us live their lives is different,
each person has their color that represent
what they feel for each song,

Even among that, everyone’s temperature remains the same
and there are many moments where you can see each person’s individuality,
which is very exciting.



And after all that is done and we get aligned,
it’s like whoaaa!!!!! And we get all fired up.




It’s interesting, very!



There’s a lot to learn from the members during
the performances or by watching the video.


Everyone is really so cool.
They’re cute too, they’re amazing.




As we continue doing more and more performances,
I want Sakurazaka46 to captivate in a different way each time.
Even if it’s same, but also different.


Please look forward to it!






For the 1st day of Osaka performances on May 31st (Wednesday)
you can still attend!

At the bottom of this page,
you can buy tickets 😌!


Honestly, I also have some regrets~!


I want us to become a group that
makes you don’t want to miss any moment!


I want to be able to make such concerts together with the Buddies.



We will also do it completely until the end so we don’t have any regrets!!!!


Please come join us in the same space by all means.


I’m looking forward to it 🌸





And on the last day of the tour June 1st (Wednesday),
a live broadcast has been decided ☺️



The sale of streaming tickets
has started as well.

↑for Japanese audience




And surprisingly for this time,
it’s been decided to have the first live broadcast for overseas audiences.

I’m so happy~~~~~~! 🙊

↑for international audience




Regardless of the distance,
it’s amazing to be able to spend this time together.
I’m grateful. I’m so happy.



So that we can show you how much we have grown
we will do our best too.

Everyone, please join us by all means 🧸




Somehow, it became long~~


Thanks for reading up to this point.

I will write again



See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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