The Chiming of Bells (2023.05.25)

Happy Thursday😊




I don’t like using the air conditioner in Summer and instead enjoy the wind chimes ringing in the cool breeze until I just really can’t take the heat anymore. It’s finally that time of year where I start to long for the cooling sound of those chimes. I have to go find some to use this year soon.



I am Odakura Reina
18 years old, from Tokyo.


While I was writing this, Airi came running up to me. I thought something was up, but she just said “I’m practicing running!” and left.

So cute




○Kanagawa Performance

Thank you everyone for coming to our Kanagawa performance. I had so much fun meeting all of you☺️

Us 3rd generation members once again were on stage at Pia Arena MM just as we were for Omotenashikai.
Between going on our first tour together with our seniors and the bliss and anxiety of being able to meet all of you, this was the most fun 3 days ever!


I talked about this today, but I’ve done a little bit of kickboxing🥊
I’m confident in my punch!


Did you all like my lame joke?
Even if I bomb, please accept it with a big heart anyway lol


My bangs have grown out



Sakurazaka46’s 6th single “Start over!”
will be released on June 28th!

Please look forward to it everybody~!


Applications for meet & greet have also begun!
The 3rd generation members will be participating as well.

I’ve been writing notes as I excitedly think of what we should talk about lol
Let’s chat a lot, laugh a lot, and make lots of memories together💭
I’ll be waiting~!




○Q&A Corner

Q. Music that lifts your spirits when you listen to it?

A. DECISIVE BATTLE from Operation Yashima / Sagisu Shiro
20th Century Boy / T.REX
Umiyuri Kaiteitan / N-buna

I listen to Operation Yashima and 20th Century Boy before taking tests in order to collect my thoughts.

Listening to DAYBREAK FRONTLINE while running or in a quiet place just before the sun rises is the best.

Umiyuri Kaikeitan was the first vocaloid song I’d ever listened to, and even now I listen to it all the time. It’s a good song~!



Q. Which characters do you like from Attack On Titan?
Hange Zoe
Armin Arlert

I first started reading the manga for Attack on Titan in my 3rd year of elementary school and even now I think it’s my favorite manga. I’m confident that if I were to talk about its composition or foreshadowing, I could go on about it for like a week without sleeping. It’s a manga that makes it really easy for you to become obsessed about analyzing it.

As for my own personal thoughts, I think Hange-san’s character personifies the Survey Corps, and the key point to Armin’s character has progressively become about accurate analysis within a chaotic war front.



Q. I wanna see a picture of your side profile!

A. Nagi took this photo📸




Q. Which Sanrio character do you like?

A. Cinnamoroll૮ . ̫ .。 ა
His mouth and cheeks are so cute.



Q. Do you have any scents or perfumes you like?

A. I like herbal and soapy scents.
I haven’t found a perfume I can call my favorite yet, so please tell me your recommendations~



Q. What headband did you wear when you went to Disneyland with Nagi?

A. I wore a Duffy one
Nagi wore a Gelatoni one, Riko wore LinaBell, and Yu wore Pooh-san!



Q. How do you picture Saga prefecture?

A. I think of archaeological sites, the ocean, pottery, and onsen. Also, I thought it was cute how it looks like a bell if you look at it sideways🔔
I’d like to try going there some day!



Q. What Pokemon do you like?

A. Quagsire
I have a quagsire plush attached to my bag and one as a decoration at home🫧
I also like Wobbuffet!
I guess I just like light blue pokemon……?



Q. Is there anything you think about doing to make the most of your day off? What do you spend your time doing?

A. I like creating places for myself where I can feel at ease, so on my days off I go on a trip by myself to find places that pique my interest and check out new shops or sites.

I like going to places like the beach or aquariums.



Q. Since the way someone feels about a novel depends on the individual, don’t you think it’s fun to share your thoughts on a novel with others? What do you think, Reina-chan?

A. It’s fun~!
What books a person reads and how they interpret them is influenced by their own individual perception, so there’s never someone who will have the exact same impression that you did.
It’s fun to imagine how someone may live their life by the way they feel about a book since everybody is different!


I received so many questions!
Thank you so much.
Look forward to more next time~





Mio! Everything Mio says and does is always so on point. She made me laugh so much during the tour~
I love her!



I think I’ll wrap things up here this time.

I hope to be the brightest star in your heart💫
This was Odakura Reina!



Look forward to Nagi’s blog tomorrow!

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