Pink Santa (2022.12.24)



Pink Santa (2022.12.24)


I had some Stollen bread 🥖♡🎅🏻







Tomorrow Sunday 25th from 21:44~

I will make an appearance in


“Ariyoshi eeeee! SP

Ariyoshi Hiroiki & Tanaka Masahiro Dream eeeee Match” 🎮



I was very happy for

being able to appear in Dream Match

for the first time ( ;_; )



I’m so grateful for being invited so many times this year,

and now even on Christmas.


Thank you 🙇




It was extremely luxurious and exciting.


Please watch it by all means ☺︎🎄










I will make an appearance in


TVer’s “The Strongest Timetable” (Saikyou no Jikanwari)


Murase Ken-san, who is the producer of

the “silent” dorama and also

many other doramas and movies,

was the speaker.


He focused mainly on “silent”,

and he talked about behind the scenes.



It was really interesting

and I was so invested in it

I wanted to listen to it all the time.




Since there is a first and second part,

please give it a watch ☺︎



I also learned so much,

it was so fascinating. 📺❄










And also, the “Sakumimi” radio together with Uemura-san

is now being broadcasted~~~



Please listen to it ( ◜◡◝ )





See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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