When I was a kid, I used to get an assortment of Christmas boots shaped candy from the store. I was happy about the candy, but I was excited about the boots. But I couldn’t wear them. Has anyone tried to wear them? (2022.12.25)




Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱





Merry Christmas!

Since it’s a Sunday,
I wonder if many of you were able to relax??

To the people who have worked today, thank you for your hard work^ ^


I hope you’ll have a wonderful Christmas🎅🏻







🎄 2022 FNS Kayousai (Night 2)


We performed “Samidare yo”!

The production was wonderful,
Recreating the atmosphere of the forest in the MV!

Thank you very much to everyone who watched!



New costumes! So cute〜
My favorite:)

My hair was in a ponytail☁️


The other day, Yumi-chan’s graduation was announced!


I have a lot of memories with Yumi, 
we had talked a lot as the duo from Fukuoka when we first joined the group, 
we have similar interests, and we go on outings together.

I love how she often laughs at my stories 
and all the machine gun talk from Yumi-chan,
I want to keep watching her.

I hope we can hang out again in Fukuoka or somewhere else
as friends after her graduation^ ^

I am very happy to have met 
and worked with Yumi-chan.

During the remaining time, 
I hope Yumi-chan can laugh a lot🐱











Thank you very much
to everyone who came to the venue!

I was happy
to find a lot of Buddies!

I would be happy if the people who saw Sakurazaka’s performance
for the first time found it interesting, 
even if only a little〜


And I hope our feelings have reached the overseas buddies 
who always support us, 
even if only a little^ ^


I received a stuffed toy👀

New costumes!! How was it?
The color and material of the outfit are wintery☃️❄️


For the festival, we performed “BAN”
And I would make some alphabets by hand in the middle…

This time it is “AEMF”!!

I was at my wit’s end during the performance
That I forgot to do “M”.

I made the “F” backward with my left hand as well, and it turned out weird,
And I am very embarrassed and sorry,
Please forgive me, M’s photo. Lol











We performed “Samidare yo”!

It was delivered as one-cut up to the 1st chorus〜
How was it??

The rehearsal for the skip part was interesting
And fun!

The bubbles were beautiful too🫧
Thank you very much!


4th single jacket photo costume!
It’s been a while since I wore it〜

I tried braiding my hair for the first time^ ^









Well, that’s all for today.
Thank you for reading until the end!
I posted a lot of photos today〜





The end🌱




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